Noisy Neighbours!! The BIG OAF!

I'm eventually going to get a picture of this guy so you can have the JOY of seeing the perp...but for now, you'll have to take my word for it!

Soni and I have lived together in an apartment complex with some of our other siblings for going on 5 years...I think? Anywho, we have been through 2 tenants to our left, and 3 tenants beneath us...and I have 1 question...DOES NOBODY KNOW HOW TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR ANYMORE?! A new tenant moved in beneath us... and can I say "Praise Allah" that his roommate moved out, she was worse than him...slamming cupboards, screaming baby that wasn't hers in her room from 12-2AM,. ETC! But, onto the other guy. Seriously, this guy, well he's more of a TOTAL OAF, works odd hours, which means he leaves while we are at work, and comes home very close to midnight. If you or I got home at midnight, I'm sure we would be closing doors very quietly, walking quietly, etc...right? Not this guy! We think he's deaf in one ear which explains a lot, but he lets his screen door slam in addition to slamming his front door and then proceeds to watch TV at deaf old man volume and...and this is the good part...he thinks he's being CONSCIOUS of his noise level!! Seriously? Seriously??! He said those exact words when my sister went down and politely (which is why I had her do it) asked him to turn his TV down! Here's another awesome thing...he moved his tv to right by his now in addition to bugging us, he bugs the whole neighbourhood. The neighbours in the duplex next to us try to drown out his tv with theirs! SWEET! Now, I think he is starting to hate us. We came home Sunday night from dinner at the Andrews (YUM) to find him watching TV SUPER LOUD, door open, window open, and volume all the way up...Soni knocked and asked him to turn it down, and told me he couldn't quite mask his face all the way before she read the annoyance there! Good! I hope he realizes that we aren't interested in watching TV with him! I really can't wait to move to another house/apartment/ long as it's quiet, with no BIG, NOISY, OAFS! And don't even get me started on the people that live below Braden and Jodee (my bro & his wife)! Let's just say three things: 1. He has a band 2. He totally sings off key & 3. He has a lot of friends over all the time. Ok, 1 more... 4. He likes to drink and smoke pot! GOOD TIMES!! Someone please help us!
Oh...PS! I forgot to tell you that this OAF of a neighbour also has the deepest voice/laugh...when he laughs at his shows you can feel the rumble!- and loudest sneeze ever! He sneezed one time and a neighbour yelled, BLESS YOU! Heaven help us all over here on 14th St!!


Braden and Jodee said...

Oh I thought you were going to forget about the sneezing. I was in the kitchen making dinner one day when he sneezed and it scared me half to death! We were watching the same show one time too and it was sooooo annoying because I could here his TV echo a few seconds after mine.

In our below neighbors defense, he has been SOOOOOOOOO much quieter this week after our chat.

Aaron and Marly said...

I would call the cops! It really sucks to have noisy neighbors,sorry!

Braden and Jodee said...

Oh yeah, Catherine did forget to mention.... Well her neighbor you can hear bc he keeps his door open. Ours you can't hear a peep outside usually, it all just comes up through the floor. Our property management says theres nothing they can do. BULL.

AND, don't forget a little shout out to our neighbors behind us! Divorce drama, cops, us standing in the bushes eaves dropping! lol :)

Sorry, maybe I should do my own blog post on this!

C-squared said...

HAHA! I forgot about that neighbour, Jodee! He's been quiet lately! Did she finally divorce his butt?

Braden and Jodee said...

I just heard him like 2 days ago and was thinking, SERIOUSLY? BUT I haven't seen her. Maybe she moved?

C-squared said...

I had to restrain myself not to go off on that guy...I would stare him down when I would see him as I was coming out of the laundry room! What's he going to do to me?! I would give him a MAJOR run for his money! I wISH he would have tried something!!!
On the neighbour are right, I haven't heard your noisy one in awhile...ours has been pretty quiet since Sunday night also! (contented sigh) If only it could last!!!