Is it sad...

... that I TOTALLY want this!

I am such a Star Wars NERD!!

Disneyland surprise

Soni & I have NOT been using our Disneyland passes very wisely this past year ( I think I've only been twice! What a waste!) so we decided to go last Wednesday. As we were driving (which is like 5 exits off the fwy from our house now! So much closer!), we were wondering if it was going to be crowded. I thought yes, since Halloween was coming up. Soni thought maybe if kids were out of school. We decided to text Colee (our niece) & see if she was in school or not. Her reply: Yes. I have school, but we are ditching and the whole fam is at Disneyland!
So, we met up with Debi, Brett & their 6 kids. I got some fun pics on the ride and throughout the park. Soni and I ended up staying almost to closing, instead of our usual 3-4 hours! I was exhausted that night!!

Isn't this SO cute?! We were walking over to Big Thunder when Piper & I saw this scarecrow. I set her down and she walked right over. She totally hugged him when I told her to and just stayed there until I got a suitable pic!

Here's Dylan & I on Pirates. He thinks he is so Gangsta! Dork! Stop kissing at the camera! Jake's hand is behind us along with Brett on the right, and that's Sarah on the left... looking stoned! :)

This was Piper on Pirates! She kept telling us she wanted to go on 'mall World, but it was closed, so I asked if she wanted to go on Pirates again. She kept saying yes and yo ho ho even though Debi said she was scared when they had just gone on it! She looks possessed b/c I missed her eyes!
Here's Dylan! He and Jake had to try and climb on any & everything! Even though they kept getting told to stay off, they were always there!

Katie wanted her picture with the Kitty. This is her "pose" as she told me! So cute and funny! She had to hold the map in her hand and only relinquished it when I told her I wanted to find the nearest bathroom!

Piper got a Pooh Bear stuffed animal while we were there, but somehow, Jake ended up with the Bear, and the stroller! I'm sure this pic will be great for blackmail when he's older!
Soni & I in the teacup... the stationary one is the only way to go for me!! I cannot do a lot of rides. They make me dizzy! Aaron doesn't remember, but he cut in line with my cousin & I once to go on. I told him he couldn't spin it. What does he do? He spins it like crazy and when I started whining that I was getting dizzy he tells me to lay down. Thanks! Now the world is spinning in two directions instead of just one! I had to go home immediately after that I was so sick! ( I inherited my Dad's crazy inner-ear problem, so dizziness is a big problem for me. I don't need a ride at all to wake up completely dizzy some days.) Just had to add that addendum for those of you that are thinking, Man, what a baby!! It really is a problem. I've been dizzy for 3 weeks at a time before!! Someday, I'd like to have surgery to fix this labrynthitis/vertigo I've dealt with since childhood, but I'm afraid of ending up permanently dizzy. So for now it's just something I deal with.

Here's Colee & Katie on Dumbo. (Of course, I passed on that one!) Katie looks mad, b/c I made her look up for the picture. She lost her penny and was trying to find it before they made them get off the ride!

Jake and Dylan in the back in front of that lady hanging on the fence!
OK, this is a tale for the ages! That would be Debi stealing people's wishes from the fountain by the Dumbo ride! Brett, her husband, not pictured because he was too embarrassed! FYI: If you throw a quarter in the Dumbo fountain, aim for the middle or it will get swiped by this lady!

HA! Jake and Sarah were on Big Thunder in front of Dylan & I... I could hear someone screaming HYSTERICALLY! Seriously, Not like Whoooooooooooo! Like most people do, you know? But, short hysterical screams like he was being attacked and could NOT fend of his attacker! When I realized it was Jake I thought I just might pee my pants!

Dylan... we are laughing because I kept getting thrown into him on all the curves! He also thought at one point that he almost lost his head. "It was SOOO close" he told me. (It wasn't.)

I think we all know who did not want to go on Big Thunder. I think I was 8 before Soni & Debi made me go on... I sat between them and bonked my head on the seat at one point. I think I remember crying a little too hard and it not hurting quite that much, but I wanted to make them think I was suffering for FORCING me to go on!
Just FYI: No adults have to force me onto rides at Disneyland any longer. I now, willingly and cheerfully submit myself to being soaked, thrown around, and sometimes made a little sick without putting up any fight!

PS... The kids wanted to go on Splash Mountain which I usually skip... But for their sake, Soni & I submitted. Jake was with me in row 1, but I guess he knew better than to sit in front, so I had to suck it up! I GOT SOAKED!! My shorts were pretty see-through the rest of the day! Luckily, Colee let me borrow her sweatshirt until we finally went home. Never again! Back row for me next time!

Mid-Singles Activity+Coach Outlet= Arrowhead!!

So, once again, we headed up to Arrowhead for our twice-a-year getaway!! It was a blast!! Who doesn't love a great location, bargain shopping, views, and good company? Soni, Lani & I usually head up early Friday morning. We love to eat at this place and usually try to eat breakfast there every time we go! I love 'a little breakfast'!!

Who doesn't love these views? The weather was perfect! I found myself just wanting to walk around b/c the weather was AWESOME! Cool and not at all hot!

Here's Soni and I...I think this was when we were getting ready to meet up with everyone for lunch! We talked everyone into eating at this aforementioned spot so Soni, Lani & I got to eat there TWICE this trip! *smacks lips* DELISH!

There weren't too many people out on there boats in October...I guess it's a little cold for water skiers and swimmers!
I think Wade was getting ready to go for a hike. ?? Why hike when you can shop?! I just don't know what some people are thinking?! :)

This year, we started a new tradition... Chuck payed for, everyone who wanted, trips on the go carts! I started out in last place...But since I never took my foot off the gas pedal, I soon lapped everyone! One of the guys in the group called me Danica Patrick. I'll take that! Minus the Go-Daddy crap she promotes! :) Darrel ran into me at one point and had my car slightly sideways. But, I think it's safe to say I WON!

PS... When I was shopping... I found an awesome pair of jeans and some dress pants. They fit like a dream, so I went to see what the damage would be. Guess What?!!!! $7.99!! Holy COW! And I had a coupon for 20% off that! Those pants were under $7! Can't beat that! I LOVE THEM!!