The After pics!

OK, I finally got the up-loader thingie unpacked so I could let you all feast your eyes!

Remember this?

And now...

I know you still have this burned onto your retinas:

And after:

The upstairs bedroom:

And after...a much nicer, calmer, lighter shade of blue!

That's all for now. I don't have any good pics of the downstairs bedroom or the living room (I'll get those up later... and I know you didn't see our shower before, but I'll leave you with one more after...


I don't think people believe me when I tell them I have a tendency to get addicted to having certain items and start collecting...
Since we moved, I have been able to get a good idea of just how much stuff I actually have!

I certainly don't need anymore of these following items:
In case you can't tell...this is a bin full of all my purses! Although, personally, I don't think a girl can ever have too many purses!

Uh... batteries. Batteries! (My family will get that one!)

I don't even use these that often... so when I was unpacking I was SURPRISED that I had soooo many!

Anyone need a pen or marker? This isn't even all of them!

Who doesn't need a million and one stickers?

Needless to say, Soni and I now have items on a "no-buy" list.

Just for fun...2- "It's the Singles Life"

To the tune of It's a Hard-Knocked Life -you know? From Annie.

It's the singles life for us!
It's the singles life for us!
'Stead of minivans & kids, we get roommates & an empty fridge!
It's the singles life!

Got no spouse to speak of so...
it's the singles life we know.
Lots of 1st dates, but no more! All this dating is a chore!
It's the singles life!

Don't it feel like you'll never find a husband?
Don't it seem like you'll never find a wife?
Once a day don't you wanna throw the towel in?
It's easier than living singles life!!

No one's here from the Stake if we should need them.
They are busy visiting all the family wards.
If we're lucky, someday we can join them.
When we're married that will be our big reward!!

Mingle munchies life!
Only 1st dates life!
Empty fridges life!
Only roommates life!

Stake Leaders we never see.
Stake Leaders? There's no such thing!!
When you're here you are ignored,
'Cause you're in a singles ward!
It's the singles life!

It's the singles life for us!
It's the single life for us!
When you're here you are ignored,
'Cause you're in a singles ward!
It's the singles life!
It's the singles life!

I thought that one was just OK when I wrote it. The only thing I left out is the part where Molly is pretending to be Miss Hannigan...I'll work on it from a Bishop's perspective! I'll also work on finding my "Supermodest" lyrics. That one I LOVE!!

Just for fun...

For those of you that don't know me that well, or my family, I/we like to put our own lyrics to songs. (Especially Debi and I...ask her about her Footloose lyrics. Or "Open Arms" by Journey).
Anyway, when I was in the Singles Ward my friend, George, sent me a link to this song some guy had made up about Testimony the tune of "My Favorite Things." Well, of course, I immediately set about making up one for a singles ward F&T meeting. I think it's quite good, of course!
"The Singles' Ward Testimony Meeting Song"
by Catherine Christensen 11-11-06
To the tune of "My Favorite Things"
Verse 1: It's the first Sunday & my "favorite" meeting. We get to listen to hearts that are bleeding. Bishop just sat down kids rush for the floor-soon to be followed by about 50 more.
"Without a doubt" & "I HAD to get up here" just some of the quotes that you're most likely to hear. New roommates fighting, then sharing some hugs. Is it just me or are they all on drugs? First they bore us. Then implore us. What more will they say? These are just a few of my favorite things about Testimony Sunday!
Verse 2: Now a girl gives a "shout-out" to her roommate. Another complains about how she's had NO dates! Bishop is sleeping with an hour to go! What will be said next? We never can know! There're always stories about work and school. Some-guy just testified his boss is a fool! The ward mission leader loves pass-along cards. Just 2 more years then I'm leaving these 'tards! Cell phones ringing! When's the singing? Are you bored my friend? Just 40 more minutes 'til hymn and a prayer and then all of this will end!
Verse 3: A guy tells us he saw a rated R movie. Some-guy that's too old tells us his life is 'groovy.' Engaged couples tell us they're leaving the ward. Can't someone testify they love the Lord? The First Counselor tells us his wife had a baby. Another guy wants to serve a mission...maybe? Finally! The announcement: 5 minutes to go. Why does the time seem to go by so slow? "Bingo!" yells George. Brother Rex snores. Is the spirit near? We've reached the ending, let's sing our last song and get the heck out of here!!
Don't get me wrong's not always like this, but seriously? Everything in this song has happened in 1 or more Testimony meetings. It's just a song with all the weirdness wrapped up together. Some of our Testimony Meetings were wonderful and filled with the spirit! And I did love my time in the singles ward...I just love a silly song!
Coming Soon-"It's a Singles Life" the tune of "Hard-Knock life" from Annie
& "Super Modest" the tune of "Supermodel" by Jill Sobule (?) written for Girls Camp girls in '08.

I officially have...

...a working bathroom! Woo-Hoo! John was over Saturday and we finally got everything squared away with my bathroom sink! (YAY!!!) Of course, we did have to go get new valves since the old ones leaked as soon as we turned on the water! What the heck! How is everything falling apart on us & worked fine for the old owners?? I just don't get it?! But, you live & learn, right?
We also discovered...(& Soni & I both SWEAR that when we saw the shower rod the packaging said it was TENSION-MOUNTED) that our brand new double rod shower rod that we bought is not...I repeat, IS NOT tension-mounted! (D'OH!) But, we have decided to keep it anyway and will just mount it above the tile into the wall. (We just spent $300 on that tile, no way is it getting holes drilled into it!)
Needless to say, we did not move in on Sunday. Now before you get upset for was our choice. We are spoiled and would really like to be able to shower with a shower curtain up before we move in for good. Also, we get TV installed on Wednesday, which would also be nice to have before we commit to our new location. My cousin should be coming over again Weds. to install the shower curtain, hang curtain rods, hang mirrors etc...
I took a bunch of pictures Saturday but my connector to get them to the computer is at the look for those later!