7 Brides for 7 Brothers...aka my FAVORITE musical EVER!!

Okay, months ago my brother, Aaron told me that a theater in Anaheim (Anaheim Garden Walk) was going to be playing Seven Brides for Seven brothers! YAY! Wednesday night it was FINALLY here! Can I just say it was AWESOME seeing it on the BIG screen! Better than ever! I almost wished it was a sing-a-long...I wanted to get up and sing right along with the movie! There was a lady in the audience there that had a funny "behind the scenes" story about the movie. You know the part where Adam & Milly are going back to his place, they stop to water the horses, he tries to tell her about his 6 brothers but she starts singing? If you are a Christensen then of course you do! Well, the director wanted to make the scene more real (since the scenery was mostly painted backdrops) so he released some birds for effect. Well, we all watched those birds fly off, change direction toward the backdrop and BAM! they totally hit the backdrop and PLOP! fell to the ground! Everyone in the audience was waiting to see this after the lady told us and it didn't disappoint! If you missed the movie, you missed out BIG TIME! LOVE LOVE LOVE those sobbin' women and those scroungy backwoodsmen! If you missed out this time, don't worry, we are planning another trip on 9 Dec to see another Christensen Classic...wait for it...White Christmas! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!!