Yes...We got it!

So we got a phone call yesterday saying we have been approved by the second loan company. (The couple who own the condo now took out 2 loans, and we had been OK'd by one and the 2nd one's approval is what has been holding us up).
BUT...don't get all excited for us yet! We still have to close escrow which means getting Home Owner's Insurance and getting the down payment and money parts taken care of. Escrow needs to close by April 6 otherwise we have to re-apply for our home loan that we already got and the whole process will probably start over again.
Soni and I both had to take a deep breath when we got the news. It is kind of a double edged sword. You're excited- (Yay! See you later Mom & Dad!!!) and at the same time you start to worry about all the newfound responsibility. And then all the what-if's run through your brain too! -What if: I lose my job? budget wrong? can't make ends meet? are living in poverty?-but at least I own a home! So, after my stomach hurt for about 3 hours...I started to calm down and am starting to get excited about decorating and having all my OWN stuff out of storage! Oh, stuff! How I've missed you!
We need a couch and maybe some chairs, or keep eyes out for hand me downs or nice garage sale items for us!
Here is a picture of our place-well, the entrance to our place:

Design change...

Just a quick thought...Who the heck made it sooooo difficult and sooooo much work to get your Blog looking exactly the way you want it? I was up until 3AM fiddling with the HTML settings, trying to get the fonts just right and the right size, -& making cake, of course!(see Cake Wreck entry from yesterday).
It is still not 100% to my liking, but I need to learn not to be such a perfectionist!
Let's make this whole Blogging thing simpler though, OK, people?!
P.S. Anyone know how to get my Labels and all that stuff back to the bottom of the post instead of at the top? I've been in the layout and put it under in there, but it's still at the top!?

Who knew?!

Did you know that an entire 3-layer cake will fit down the garbage disposal? and that it only takes hmmm... roughly 3 minutes before it's gone? Well, as I found out will! I was doomed from the get-go. One cake broke in half trying to come out of the pan...and as I was frosting it another cake started to completely crack in half!! (Those darn too soft box cake mixes! and the people who do not want to stay up late to let them cool properly!!) I just had to laugh as I was quoting a crazy patient from work..."Oh DEAR! -OH DEAR!" I WASN'T laughing when I had to make a trip to Ralph's to buy more cake mix and Rainbow Chip Frosting at 11:30!! (Jodee's fave!)
It is now midnight and I am waiting patiently (or not) for the new cake to finish baking...and then I'm waiting to frost it until morning!!
Shhh! Don't tell my Mom! She thinks I got ambitious and that I am assembling a 6-layer cake?!!??!?!?!


Still nothing...on the condo, because I knew you were going to ask! My parents are gone right now and the house is unbelievably's amazing what you can hear when a deaf guy isn't watching TV in the front room and a nagger girl is yakking in your ear! :)
I'm SO glad I didn't have to work today even though I didn't get to sleep in...slept pretty bad all night, but that's how it goes sometimes! It's nice to just get up and do whatever you feel like doing even if that is NOTHING!
I'm getting ready for Girl's Camp...I pretty much am ready even though there are still months to go! I decided I wanted to make hard candy sucker for my girls and happened upon a sucker mold on e-bay that just happened to have a dragonfly, ladybug, butterfly, and bee on it. How's that for meant to be?! Our Levels this year are 1-Bees 2-Dragonflies 3-Ladybugs & 4-Butterflies. So you see- I HAD to get it! I'm going to make my girls bug bouquets (luckily I only have 6-8 girls this year, unlike last year when I had like 20!)...they will get 1 of each. I already have the sticks, wrappers, candy thermometer, and flavorings....I'm just waiting for the molds...and I should probably wait until GC is closer as it's in July and I don't really want 40 suckers laying around until then! I'm excited though!
Sunday we are having Jodee's Birthday Party here and I'm excited for that too! I ordered her something really CUTE from and just in case she is reading this I am not going to say what it is! But, since I ordered it today, won't be getting it tomorrow, but I think it will totally be worth the wait!!
I just found out my friends are moving with their cute twins too! Why does everyone move? Let's just move into a compound and then we can all see each other whenever we want...K? Think about it, Biehn's! :) Love you guys!
I think that is all for now!


OK. OK. I know I said that my sis & I would know by today whether we were getting the place in Stanton or not, but guess what? Yeah. I have NO idea. I'm getting cold feet to tell the truth...everything seems to be moving really quickly at this point b/c we were trying to beat the short sale turning into a foreclosure. I have NEVER done SO much paperwork! Seriously? I feel like giving my firstborn to Rumpelstiltskin would be easier/faster/less work than initialing/signing/drafting all the paperwork that I've come across in the last 2 weeks! VERY OVERWHELMING. And is it just me or do sleepless nights, stomachaches & headaches come with the territory? Is it too late to just go back to being a happy renter? Someone else has to hassle with leaky faucets/toilets, bad electricity, broken stoves and all that other hassle! Soni & I were GREAT renters! Never a problem for the management co. & after reading some of the posts on the Apartment Managers blog I'm starting to think that's a rarity! Keep an eye out for cute, roomy 2 bed rentals for us just in case, K? Thanks!