Michael Buble!!!

May 24, '08
On May 10th Soni & I went to a Michael Buble concert! Of course I forgot to take my camera-again!! It was a pretty awesome concert though. For those of you unfamiliar with Michael...HE is AWESOME! He's kind of a jazzy, modern Frank Sinatra type with a voice bordering on Frank and Mel Torme...for those of you who know who that is! He has some awesome albums out there! He's a throw back to the big band era also. He sings on stage with a band sitting behind him. The concert was really good! I was disappointed when he went down and took a picture with a 12 yr old named Desiree...I wanted it to be ME!!! MY biggest fantasy was that I would be called up on stage to sing a song with him...which would then lead him to be impressed with my voice and lead to recording a song or two with him on his next album! (Like I said...BIGGEST FANTASY!) Anyway...if you want to check him out here are some of my favorite Buble tunes & their albums:
1.Sway...Michael Buble
2. Kissing a Fool...Michael Buble*
3. How can you mend a broken heart...Michael Buble*
4. Cuando Cuando Cuando...It's Time-duet w/ Nelly Furtado**
5. Save the last dance for me...It's Time
6. You & I...It's Time
7. It Had Better Be Tonight...Call Me Irresponsible**
8. Lost...Call Me Irresponsible**
9. Wonderful Tonight...Call Me Irresponsible**
10. Everything...Call Me Irresponsible**
11. Always On My Mind...Call Me Irresponsible
* Biggest Favorites
**Could not live without this song!


Michael Bublé's introduction to the music of the swing era came to him through his grandfather, who filled his grandson's ears with the sounds of the Mills Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and others. As Bublé eagerly absorbed the recordings, he began to realize that he wanted to be a singer and that this style of music, virtually foreign to his own generation, was what he wanted to perform. With his grandfather's assistance, Bublé soon learned a whole catalog of tunes and gained experience and exposure by singing as a guest with several local bands. While still in his teen years, he won the Canadian Youth Talent Search, released several independent albums, and performed in a musical review titled Swing that traveled across the U.S. It wasn't long before Bublé was introduced to Grammy-winning producer David Foster and signed his first major recording contract with Reprise Records.
The two Canadians began work on a debut album that would incorporate Bublé's aptitude for pop standards into songs that spanned several decades. His self-titled debut disc was released in early 2003 and featured jazzy takes on old standards like "Fever" and "The Way You Look Tonight" as well as newer classics like Van Morrison's "Moondance" and the Bee Gees' "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart." Further exposure ensued with a world tour and appearances on several television programs like NBC's Today Show, in which he sang a duet with host Katie Couric. He finished off 2003 with an EP of holiday material, Let It Snow, and began 2004 with the live CD/DVD set Come Fly with Me. In 2005, It's Time was a number one hit in Canada, Japan, Italy, and Australia and made the top ten of both the U.K. and U.S. Later that year he released the live album Caught in the Act. The holiday-themed album Christmas followed in 2006 with the studio effort Call Me Irresponsible dropping in 2007.

I know some think he's not much to look at, but if this man was singing to you...you would NOT kick him out of bed...That voice is SEXY...and that is his APPEAL!! YOWZA!!

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