Fun-Filled Saturday!!

Saturday morning I woke up early! I couldn't contain my I tried to distract myself with some TV until I hopped in the shower. At exactly 10 AM Soni & I arrived at The Original Pancake House to meet our Aunt Janice for a FABULOUS BREAKFAST!! They seriously have the BEST bacon EVER!! I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Soni had the Pumpkin Pancakes and Aunt Janice had the banana! Here's my picture:

After a delicious breakfast we headed over to the Cinemark 25 theatre in Orange and saw the movie You Again. During the beginning, my Aunt leans over and tells me that Kristen Bell reminds her of me! (She's sooo cute! Thanks!!) It was a really cute movie!

...THEN-(Yup...still more!) I headed over to THEIR HOUSE for an AWESOME dinner!! I also got to see their new house in Corona, their super-cute twins, and play Mexican Train!! If you have never played you are MISSING out!! I love this game! I would play every weekend if I could!

Day started at 7, when I woke up...and ended at 2 AM! (After I had my breakdown at midnight over the Brown Widows! (WARNING!!!!) PICTURE OF SPIDER TO FOLLOW...just warning you, in case that kind of thing freaks you out-like it does me!!!!) *chills*

See the hourglass? That's all I needed to see to FREAk!

There were 5 all along our outside staircase and I was too paralyzed by fear to climb up!! I couldn't really sleep, so Soni and I were up chatting and perusing catalogues for clothes! The spiders still couldn't ruin my perfect day! ( Especially since I didn't cry over them until midnight...that was the NEXT day!) Tee-Hee!

YAY for Curtains!

Curtains serve 3 very important purposes in my mind:

A. They are for beautifying a room and making a window look lovely.

2. They keep the neighbours from getting a peep-show!

D. They keep that stalker "Bob" from seeing in and knowing if I'm really home or hiding out in the bathroom-thus keeping him (hopefully) from 'dropping by' unannounced!

10. That is all!

Some new 'Before & Afters'

Remember the list? Well, as of last night you can scratch 1, 2, 1/2 of 3, 7 & even a couple that weren't on the list! (I'll tell you those a little bit later).

Last night, these two came over to help us out with getting some of our list taken care of!

So, here's the curtain rod-less window before.
And, here's the after:
well, semi-after... no curtains yet.

And the bathroom shelf before... well, it was a blank white I'll give you the before of the shelf hanging.

And, mostly decorated... still need a fall candle to fill that empty space. YAY, FALL!!

I don't have any pictures of the towel bar before and after, but do you really need it? C'mon, it's a towel-bar! Picture a big silver bar with a towel hanging over it. There you go!

Here is one of the not-on-the-list-items:
See that super cute dragonfly hook? I installed that one myself. It was a screw into the wall...Go me! :)
For your viewing pleasure and my peace of mind, the bookshelves were bolted to the wall. We do live in California people! It was totally bothering me though, b/c 1 bookshelf leaned away from the wall, and I am a's the little things that drive me crazy! Before, it looked like this:
I know you can't tell but the bookcase on the right "is leaning" ( Hey Luce!)
But, now they are both as straight as the day is long!*

And the most excellent side view which proves they are in perfect alignment!

* you weren't dreaming, you did see it. Close up of the most AWESOME shelf dedicated to STAR WARS... The original 3 of course! I tried to hide it, but, YES. I do have a bit of a girl-geek in me!

Seriously, though, every time I walk in my room now, I see that the bookcase are lined up nicely and it brings a smile to my face! Then I walk into the bathroom and see my beautiful freshly hung shelf & my smile gets bigger!


They came today!

Soni & I have been waiting for some smaller things to get done to have the house feeling like home. Here' the list:
  1. Hang curtain rods & curtains (tired of giving the neighbours a show!)
  2. Hang towel rod in bathroom
  3. Wire & hang 1 smoke alarm, Hang 1 other smoke alarm
  4. Change out bedroom ceiling fan
  5. Fix pantry light (so we can see our food!)
  6. Wire 1, possibly 2 GFCI plugs
  7. Hang bathroom shelf (upstairs bathroom)
  8. We also need help with wiring a light switch... I tried to install a dimmer for the track lighting and now the switch doesn't control the outlet anymore!! So frustrating! I don't know what I did! :(
If you know someone who can help us, or if you can help us yourself... COME ON OVER!! We welcome any & all help! Our other sources of help are not quite so reliable which isn't very ... well, helpful!! Thanks!

But, what's really been missing is a couch!! I'm tired of sitting on a beach chair!! My hips have been hurting! It's making me feel really old!! Also, it's not really that comfortable!! (You try sitting in one for 2 1/2 weeks) . My back has been aching, my neck has been's no bueno! But today, this came ...

Our NEW COUCH!! It's SUPER comfortable! And I LOVE IT!!

Soni & I waited until we were both ready & then we counted 1...2...3! And we both sat down simultaneously. (I know we're weird!) We just looked at each other & smiled. (The ottoman was a freebie with the couch's already full of games & comfy blankets! :)

On another note, we also got this delivered:

OUR NEW TABLE! (It's called Boise)
It has a butterfly leaf which means the leaf folds into the table. Perfect for us! We don't have to find room to store it!

Seriously, we are soooooo happy to have REAL furniture & feel like adults again!! Whoo-Hoo!!

Dear Lowe's

How come you wouldn't install our washer/dryer we purchased from you 3 months ago? Why would you tell us that we need to buy a compact washer and dryer so it would fit in our laundry closet? Why would you deliver it twice and get our hopes up, only to then have your delivery company tell us we need more space and leave with our washer/dryer in tow? We were convinced that we needed to get the compact washer/dryer even though it would mean having to do twice as much laundry per week and having an ugly teeny-tiny washer & dryer!! Well, to the folks at Lowe's we would like to say...


These are our newly installed washer/dryer that the friendly people at Home Depot installed for us last Saturday. They are not compact! Soni & I were holding our breath & PRAYING HARD when they were installed! Bing-Bang-BAM! They were done in an hour and I was doing my laundry in no time!!

More condo pics!!

Here's our new stove. Haven't really used the oven portion since it's been warm...but we can't wait to start baking!
Our new refrigerator... Oooh-La-La! French Doors!
*NOTE* Soni told me I forgot to mention this fridge was $1000 and we scored it for $745!! Go Lowe's price match!

And... with the doors open. Oui! Oui!

Remember this wall??? I was trying to get the difference in is a lovely green now.

Here's a close-up... Love the switch plates too! :) I picked those out!

I know you remember the lovely red window alcove!

It is now the same color as the green wall. Much more relaxing and not so in-your-face.
And now, the bedrooms...
First... Soni's

Soni's room. I was trying to get a good pic of the Lilac color, but it still looks blue. Remember it was beige? See her cute nighstand (Home Goods) & lovely lamp?... ( I picked out her lamp at Target! Love Target!!)

Another view of the paint color...

And... Second... My Room!! (They'll be more pics obviously!) My super cute duvet cover I scored at Ikea! And I love my trunk for storing sheets & blankets!

I adore my new nightstand, (Home Goods) & super cute lamp..mix & match at Target!

My bathroom organizer... I have an obsession with white furniture and bead board!

My sink vanity and don't you adore the mirror! Clearance $25 at Wal*

My Closet: It's not all of my closet... I just love being organized and love seeing everything have a place! Shoe organizers courtesy of Closet Maid (Target!!)

All my clothes hang above... & then everything is nicely organized down below