I have left you all hanging... and I didn't really care!

Day 4...
    Today we rode the bus back to downtown SF.  We decided to go back down to the Pier area so we could really see all the shops.  This time we stopped at Ghiradelli and bought a bunch of chocolates to take home as gifts and goodies for co-workers!  It was hard to resist opening the bags and eating it all!!
We basically just did a lot of sightseeing this day... without looking like total tourists!  It's a LOT of walking!!

    We decided to see Chinatown... There are a lot of people!  Kinda like being in China I imagine!  Lots of dead things, fish, chicken & ducks hanging in windows too... and then little tubs of water with fish swimming around in them. Fresh is best!
I think the lamp posts were the CUTEST things there! I wish lamp posts everywhere looked like these!

Isn't it the CUTEST?!  I love the little dragons!  I think all lamp posts should look like this!

We shopped and walked the rest of the day and at the end this is what that looks like...

Old Navy was having a KILLER sale!!!