Fun Fact Friday a la Sarah!

Here's one for you guys:
You know how Soni & I have been struggling to get everything done at our place and running out of people we know to Bum favors off of? Well, our new RS pres helped us out by giving us the name of someone who could help with our multiple electricity needs. Manuel came over about 3 weeks ago and:
  1. installed our dimmer on the track lighting
  2. fixed the connected outlet so the switch would turn the track lighting off and on
  3. installed our smoke alarm that had to be wired in
  4. fixed the 2 light switches that control the light above the stairs
  5. AND.... *takes breath* fixed our GFCI outlet in the bathroom
All that for the low LOW price of $80!!!!!! GET OUT! No, I'm SERIOUS!
Here's the fact:
We found out at Enrichment Night that he got deported!
We were soooo gonna have him back to do more stuff too! We need the GFCI plug looked at once more (it controls my bathroom outlet too, but not anymore :( and I still need to switch out my old fan for the new one!
I guess we are, once again, back at square one!!

I'll keep you posted!

Ah Kids!

Last night, Soni & I had a sleepover in our new place with this little cutie!

We watched a lot of Nick Jr.!!! (I hope to never see Yo! Gabba Gabba or Fresh Beat Band AGAIN!!) She LOVED walking around in Soni's slippers...they were soooo BIG they totally flopped against the ground hard while she was walking! It was hilarious! She wanted to sit at our table and eat snack like 5 times! (Girl loves to eat!) We read books at bedtime ( I still have some of my fave Care Bear & Strawberry Shortcake books from when I was little), & then we got into bed, sang some songs, said prayers & she was out by 9pm. Soni & I were thinking she would, maybe, sleep a little longer than 6:30AM...we were hoping anyway!

Brighton woke up at the lovely hour of 4AM!! (Jodee told us she's a light sleeper and something fell off the wall in my closet at that time, so that's probably what woke her up!) Needless to say, we got to watch a lot more Nick Jr. :)

All in all it was a fun time -despite the totally early hour of awakening! I turned on my iPod later while I was getting dressed and we danced around and clapped. (OK! She danced around. I clapped.) She was also jumping off a book on the floor. What a little daredevil! She loved looking over the wall to downstairs and yelling, "HI SONI!!" :)

What a character! Too bad I didn't get more pics! Next time!