Nutshelling August... *sheepish grin*

August! August! August! Is it sad that I really do not like the middle 3 months of the year? It's summer, it's hot, the electricity bill goes WAY up! Sigh. Summer gets such a bad rap. I've liked it better this year, since I've been living at the pool, but I JUST. CAN'T. STAND. BEING. HOT!!
The RS lessons have been going way better after that first one where I had an extra 15 minutes that I was struggling to fill! I taught Chastity last month... *giggle* I think some of those RS ladies are wondering where the heck I came from! I used gum as my object lesson... I asked if I offered them gum would they rather have this (wrapped/packaged gum) or this (gum I took from Soni's mouth as she was chewing it)... they all were giggling. But when we are chaste we are still "wrapped" or pure. No one wants to chew used gum unless you are Buddy the Elf! The ladies are still talking about it.
This month our water line to our fridge developed a leak!! There was water on the floor and the line was making a spritzing sound. I pulled out the stove and found where the line had a tiny hole... I tried to kink it like a garden hose, which only accomplished making the tiny leak a geyser!!! I yelled at Soni to turn the water off and then our cousin's plumber, Francisco (ooo! That's fun to say!) came over the next day and fixed everything for us... so all is well at the money pit!!

Soni & I are planning a vacation/35 birthday celebration for me the week of Thanksgiving in San Francisco! Whoo! We already booked our hotel and we want to go to Chinatown, Ghiradelli Square, Alcatraz-at night- *Freaky!*, and loads more places! I'm excited! I've been working LOADS of extra hours to make extra money so we can have a GOOD TIME! You only turn 35 once, right!! :)

I'm already doing better for September! YAY!