California Drivers

Has anyone gotten frustrated with the drivers out there? I swear, either I'm getting more & more like my Dad, or people in general just suck at driving now-a-days! Her are my major beefs:
1. No BLINKERS! Almost nobody uses their indicators anymore, they just swerve across 10 lanes willy-nilly, like Carmen Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding..."Oh! MY exit!"
2. People totally cut you off and change lanes in an INTERSECTION...which is against the LAW!(while not using their blinkers)...Someone totally started speeding up next to me & I knew they were going to try to cut in front of me, unfortunately we were right at a they just swerved over in the middle of the intersection...why can't people wait anymore and get in behind you?
3. Does any one REALLY know how to drive the roundabout AKA Traffic Circle? This has happened to me twice now...I'm driving around like normal and some idiot to my left wants to get off and goes right in front of me!...I end up getting off where they're getting off just so I don't slam into their car!! WTH?!! And there's never any cops around!!
4. I absolutely HATE when people stare at me while I'm sitting in my car! I will purposefully turn and stare back at them while picking my nose, scratching my boob, etc! They fully make it obvious that they're totally staring you down too! Annoying!
That's all I can think of right now. I'm serioulsy so on edge when I drive now though...I'm almost immediately in a bad mood when I get behind the wheel because I'm expecting the worst!
What's your driver pet peeves?!


cantare_21 said...

I don't know if it's nature or nurture, but be it genetic or learned, Dad has had a MAJOR influence in this arena! You're off to a fine start, but I'd like to add to your list.
5. People who don't plan ahead and use the wrong turn lane (when there's more than one) and then want to cut you off so they can get over! "Shoulda thought about that before you made the turn, Dipsmack!"
6. People who don't understand how the fast lane works, especially on the open highway. "Make your move (pass on the left) then get back over, Jack!"
7. How about people who parallel park in such a way as to render a space that might have accommodated two cars into a space that only accommodates one. "Way to be considerate, loser."
8. And then there are the people who throw their cigarette butts out the car window (jerks), and (even though it's not the fault of any driver) hitting every red light on the street.

C-squared said...

9. People who cut into your lane in front of you even though there isn't enough room for them...and then don't get off the freeway!
10. How about people who just take up two spaces so their precious vehicle doesn't get bumped, bruised, scraped or touched period!
Maybe it is Dad, but, seriously, I HATE DRIVING NOW...I used to LOVE IT!!