Irrational Fears... Tales of Condo spiders Part I

I have told you I have a total irrational fear of spiders, right? Remember THIS post? One December my family was out caroling. I was riding shotgun in Darrel's car. Me: "Is that on the inside or the outside?" Darrel: "Is what on the inside or outside?" Me: Frantically scooting over to my right just in case it was on the inside... "That spider! Is it inside? Voice getting panicky... "It is on the inside!!" Getting more panicky now... " I need a tissue!!!!!!!!" Soni from back seat hands me a tissue without a word. Me: Try to kill spider and miss... and start screaming, "Where is it? I missed!" Darrel: "It's JUST a spider!" Me: "WELL FEARS ARE IRRATIONAL!!!" I screamed that and threw down my tissue as I started sobbing.

So as you can see, TOTAL fear!! Since moving in over here I feel like the heavens are trying to get me over my little fear. One day, I had just bought a sweatshirt from Disneyland & hung it in my closet close to the door so I could wear it the next day. When I put it on the next day, just as my left arm went into the sleeve and my hand came out a spider came dangling off (I just got chills up my back remembering this!!) and dropped to the ground. I had already let out a high pitched squeal and jumped back, and am now just starring at the spider as he races for cover under my bookcase. Finally, rational thinking starts in my brain and I grab a shoe. I had to just squish him enough to make sure he wouldn't come back to life, send a signal to all his friends to attack me, and jump up in my face and then suck my bodily juices dry... but not too much b/c the carpet is new and I didn't want spider guts permanently stained into my bedroom floor! I then proceed to get the dust buster, suck him up, and flush him! I was still teary eyed when I arrived at work 25 minutes later. (This is really a problem!!)

To Be Continued...

Merry Christmas..

.. ya filthy animal! ... and a Happy New Year!
Home Alone anyone? Anyone? They didn't have that as an option at, but maybe next year! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!! Love to all my friends and family! Let's make 2011 even better!!

I'm thinking about getting... electrician's license!! :)

You all know the hassle Soni & I have gone through with fixing up our condo! (sigh...glad that's all *mostly* behind us!) We still have some things that need tweaking:
  • changing out my ceiling fan
  • the pantry light
  • the downstairs toilet now leaks slightly-GAH!
  • hemming our curtains ( we can do it, we just are lazy.)
... Anyway- I was frustrated trying to find something in that dark, disorganized pantry, so I decided I was going to change out that old non-working light for the new one.
Yup. I decided. -And, I was not going to turn off the electricity! (OK, not that I didn't want to, more so b/c I had a cheesecake in the oven, and I was too lazy to try to figure out which 1 switch was for that certain area.)
I grabbed some tools and my work began. Everything was going really well. I had unhooked all the wires but one set, so I grabbed them with the plier I had and *POP! POP! SPARK! SCREAM!* -YES. The scream was from me! :) It took me a couple minutes to get my courage back (and my heart rate to slow down), but I was back at it! Got everything put back together without electrocuting myself, I'm proud to say, pulled the cord and .... NOTHING! DANG! Well, at least I tried, right?
5 minutes later I noticed the refrigerator was not on... I had blown a fuse. So, turned it back on, checked the fridge (light was on so it must be working), looked up and....*
I totally did a happy dance! Woo-Hoo! I'm seriously thinking about trying to tackle my fan myself just so I could say I tried it... and if I actually do it, that would be even awesome-er!

* I tried to download a video and it wouldn't work. I'll keep trying!

Have I mentioned...?

...That I LOVE this time of year?! 10 Things I LOVE about the last 2 months of the year!!!

  1. Cooler Weather... you can never take enough off when it's hot! You can always put more on!
  2. The Music... YAY! (I've been listening off & on all year anyway, but now it's acceptable! :)
  3. Decorations/Christmas Lights... LOVE LOVE LOVE... probably b/c my 2 brothers & I would start counting how many homes we saw with Christmas Lights on all our car trips! Good memory!
  4. People are generally in a nicer mood this time of year... exception- Scrooge!
  5. It means Winter is right around the corner... which = even Colder weather!!
  6. Christmas Shopping... I do like it, even though I hate fighting crowds. Secret shopping tip... don't get a cart! You'll be giddy when you zoom in & out of slow shoppers!!
  7. Christmas Baking! I have already made 2 cheesecakes, a double batch of banana bread w/ choc. chips & 2 double batches of chocolate chip cookies. Planning to make at least 1 more cheesecake (maybe 2), lots of brownies, and at least 10 dozen more batches of various cookies! YAY!
  8. Christmas Caroling! I think the Christensen Caroling tradition started when I was 12 or 13 and I have LOVED it ever since... more so since I developed a penchant for baking. Even though we didn't go last year... Soni & I decided to just duet this year simply b/c we LOVE doing it!!
  9. The SMELLS!! The candles, the baking smells, the crispness in the air... I LOVE IT ALL!!
  10. The Feeling... can't quite describe it... maybe just b/c I love this time of year, I'm happier, but it's just that good feeling you have that puts a little spring in your step, and makes you sing/hum the last Christmas song you heard ALL day! (Yesterday I was singing Barry Manilow's- Christmas Is Just Around The Corner)
  11. I know I said 10, but I had to add... The MOVIES!! I love Christmas Movies & TV!!
What's your favorite Time of Year? Or Favorite Things about this time of year?

Is it sad...

... that I TOTALLY want this!

I am such a Star Wars NERD!!

Disneyland surprise

Soni & I have NOT been using our Disneyland passes very wisely this past year ( I think I've only been twice! What a waste!) so we decided to go last Wednesday. As we were driving (which is like 5 exits off the fwy from our house now! So much closer!), we were wondering if it was going to be crowded. I thought yes, since Halloween was coming up. Soni thought maybe if kids were out of school. We decided to text Colee (our niece) & see if she was in school or not. Her reply: Yes. I have school, but we are ditching and the whole fam is at Disneyland!
So, we met up with Debi, Brett & their 6 kids. I got some fun pics on the ride and throughout the park. Soni and I ended up staying almost to closing, instead of our usual 3-4 hours! I was exhausted that night!!

Isn't this SO cute?! We were walking over to Big Thunder when Piper & I saw this scarecrow. I set her down and she walked right over. She totally hugged him when I told her to and just stayed there until I got a suitable pic!

Here's Dylan & I on Pirates. He thinks he is so Gangsta! Dork! Stop kissing at the camera! Jake's hand is behind us along with Brett on the right, and that's Sarah on the left... looking stoned! :)

This was Piper on Pirates! She kept telling us she wanted to go on 'mall World, but it was closed, so I asked if she wanted to go on Pirates again. She kept saying yes and yo ho ho even though Debi said she was scared when they had just gone on it! She looks possessed b/c I missed her eyes!
Here's Dylan! He and Jake had to try and climb on any & everything! Even though they kept getting told to stay off, they were always there!

Katie wanted her picture with the Kitty. This is her "pose" as she told me! So cute and funny! She had to hold the map in her hand and only relinquished it when I told her I wanted to find the nearest bathroom!

Piper got a Pooh Bear stuffed animal while we were there, but somehow, Jake ended up with the Bear, and the stroller! I'm sure this pic will be great for blackmail when he's older!
Soni & I in the teacup... the stationary one is the only way to go for me!! I cannot do a lot of rides. They make me dizzy! Aaron doesn't remember, but he cut in line with my cousin & I once to go on. I told him he couldn't spin it. What does he do? He spins it like crazy and when I started whining that I was getting dizzy he tells me to lay down. Thanks! Now the world is spinning in two directions instead of just one! I had to go home immediately after that I was so sick! ( I inherited my Dad's crazy inner-ear problem, so dizziness is a big problem for me. I don't need a ride at all to wake up completely dizzy some days.) Just had to add that addendum for those of you that are thinking, Man, what a baby!! It really is a problem. I've been dizzy for 3 weeks at a time before!! Someday, I'd like to have surgery to fix this labrynthitis/vertigo I've dealt with since childhood, but I'm afraid of ending up permanently dizzy. So for now it's just something I deal with.

Here's Colee & Katie on Dumbo. (Of course, I passed on that one!) Katie looks mad, b/c I made her look up for the picture. She lost her penny and was trying to find it before they made them get off the ride!

Jake and Dylan in the back in front of that lady hanging on the fence!
OK, this is a tale for the ages! That would be Debi stealing people's wishes from the fountain by the Dumbo ride! Brett, her husband, not pictured because he was too embarrassed! FYI: If you throw a quarter in the Dumbo fountain, aim for the middle or it will get swiped by this lady!

HA! Jake and Sarah were on Big Thunder in front of Dylan & I... I could hear someone screaming HYSTERICALLY! Seriously, Not like Whoooooooooooo! Like most people do, you know? But, short hysterical screams like he was being attacked and could NOT fend of his attacker! When I realized it was Jake I thought I just might pee my pants!

Dylan... we are laughing because I kept getting thrown into him on all the curves! He also thought at one point that he almost lost his head. "It was SOOO close" he told me. (It wasn't.)

I think we all know who did not want to go on Big Thunder. I think I was 8 before Soni & Debi made me go on... I sat between them and bonked my head on the seat at one point. I think I remember crying a little too hard and it not hurting quite that much, but I wanted to make them think I was suffering for FORCING me to go on!
Just FYI: No adults have to force me onto rides at Disneyland any longer. I now, willingly and cheerfully submit myself to being soaked, thrown around, and sometimes made a little sick without putting up any fight!

PS... The kids wanted to go on Splash Mountain which I usually skip... But for their sake, Soni & I submitted. Jake was with me in row 1, but I guess he knew better than to sit in front, so I had to suck it up! I GOT SOAKED!! My shorts were pretty see-through the rest of the day! Luckily, Colee let me borrow her sweatshirt until we finally went home. Never again! Back row for me next time!

Mid-Singles Activity+Coach Outlet= Arrowhead!!

So, once again, we headed up to Arrowhead for our twice-a-year getaway!! It was a blast!! Who doesn't love a great location, bargain shopping, views, and good company? Soni, Lani & I usually head up early Friday morning. We love to eat at this place and usually try to eat breakfast there every time we go! I love 'a little breakfast'!!

Who doesn't love these views? The weather was perfect! I found myself just wanting to walk around b/c the weather was AWESOME! Cool and not at all hot!

Here's Soni and I...I think this was when we were getting ready to meet up with everyone for lunch! We talked everyone into eating at this aforementioned spot so Soni, Lani & I got to eat there TWICE this trip! *smacks lips* DELISH!

There weren't too many people out on there boats in October...I guess it's a little cold for water skiers and swimmers!
I think Wade was getting ready to go for a hike. ?? Why hike when you can shop?! I just don't know what some people are thinking?! :)

This year, we started a new tradition... Chuck payed for, everyone who wanted, trips on the go carts! I started out in last place...But since I never took my foot off the gas pedal, I soon lapped everyone! One of the guys in the group called me Danica Patrick. I'll take that! Minus the Go-Daddy crap she promotes! :) Darrel ran into me at one point and had my car slightly sideways. But, I think it's safe to say I WON!

PS... When I was shopping... I found an awesome pair of jeans and some dress pants. They fit like a dream, so I went to see what the damage would be. Guess What?!!!! $7.99!! Holy COW! And I had a coupon for 20% off that! Those pants were under $7! Can't beat that! I LOVE THEM!!

Fun Fact Friday a la Sarah!

Here's one for you guys:
You know how Soni & I have been struggling to get everything done at our place and running out of people we know to Bum favors off of? Well, our new RS pres helped us out by giving us the name of someone who could help with our multiple electricity needs. Manuel came over about 3 weeks ago and:
  1. installed our dimmer on the track lighting
  2. fixed the connected outlet so the switch would turn the track lighting off and on
  3. installed our smoke alarm that had to be wired in
  4. fixed the 2 light switches that control the light above the stairs
  5. AND.... *takes breath* fixed our GFCI outlet in the bathroom
All that for the low LOW price of $80!!!!!! GET OUT! No, I'm SERIOUS!
Here's the fact:
We found out at Enrichment Night that he got deported!
We were soooo gonna have him back to do more stuff too! We need the GFCI plug looked at once more (it controls my bathroom outlet too, but not anymore :( and I still need to switch out my old fan for the new one!
I guess we are, once again, back at square one!!

I'll keep you posted!

Ah Kids!

Last night, Soni & I had a sleepover in our new place with this little cutie!

We watched a lot of Nick Jr.!!! (I hope to never see Yo! Gabba Gabba or Fresh Beat Band AGAIN!!) She LOVED walking around in Soni's slippers...they were soooo BIG they totally flopped against the ground hard while she was walking! It was hilarious! She wanted to sit at our table and eat snack like 5 times! (Girl loves to eat!) We read books at bedtime ( I still have some of my fave Care Bear & Strawberry Shortcake books from when I was little), & then we got into bed, sang some songs, said prayers & she was out by 9pm. Soni & I were thinking she would, maybe, sleep a little longer than 6:30AM...we were hoping anyway!

Brighton woke up at the lovely hour of 4AM!! (Jodee told us she's a light sleeper and something fell off the wall in my closet at that time, so that's probably what woke her up!) Needless to say, we got to watch a lot more Nick Jr. :)

All in all it was a fun time -despite the totally early hour of awakening! I turned on my iPod later while I was getting dressed and we danced around and clapped. (OK! She danced around. I clapped.) She was also jumping off a book on the floor. What a little daredevil! She loved looking over the wall to downstairs and yelling, "HI SONI!!" :)

What a character! Too bad I didn't get more pics! Next time!

Fun-Filled Saturday!!

Saturday morning I woke up early! I couldn't contain my I tried to distract myself with some TV until I hopped in the shower. At exactly 10 AM Soni & I arrived at The Original Pancake House to meet our Aunt Janice for a FABULOUS BREAKFAST!! They seriously have the BEST bacon EVER!! I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Soni had the Pumpkin Pancakes and Aunt Janice had the banana! Here's my picture:

After a delicious breakfast we headed over to the Cinemark 25 theatre in Orange and saw the movie You Again. During the beginning, my Aunt leans over and tells me that Kristen Bell reminds her of me! (She's sooo cute! Thanks!!) It was a really cute movie!

...THEN-(Yup...still more!) I headed over to THEIR HOUSE for an AWESOME dinner!! I also got to see their new house in Corona, their super-cute twins, and play Mexican Train!! If you have never played you are MISSING out!! I love this game! I would play every weekend if I could!

Day started at 7, when I woke up...and ended at 2 AM! (After I had my breakdown at midnight over the Brown Widows! (WARNING!!!!) PICTURE OF SPIDER TO FOLLOW...just warning you, in case that kind of thing freaks you out-like it does me!!!!) *chills*

See the hourglass? That's all I needed to see to FREAk!

There were 5 all along our outside staircase and I was too paralyzed by fear to climb up!! I couldn't really sleep, so Soni and I were up chatting and perusing catalogues for clothes! The spiders still couldn't ruin my perfect day! ( Especially since I didn't cry over them until midnight...that was the NEXT day!) Tee-Hee!

YAY for Curtains!

Curtains serve 3 very important purposes in my mind:

A. They are for beautifying a room and making a window look lovely.

2. They keep the neighbours from getting a peep-show!

D. They keep that stalker "Bob" from seeing in and knowing if I'm really home or hiding out in the bathroom-thus keeping him (hopefully) from 'dropping by' unannounced!

10. That is all!

Some new 'Before & Afters'

Remember the list? Well, as of last night you can scratch 1, 2, 1/2 of 3, 7 & even a couple that weren't on the list! (I'll tell you those a little bit later).

Last night, these two came over to help us out with getting some of our list taken care of!

So, here's the curtain rod-less window before.
And, here's the after:
well, semi-after... no curtains yet.

And the bathroom shelf before... well, it was a blank white I'll give you the before of the shelf hanging.

And, mostly decorated... still need a fall candle to fill that empty space. YAY, FALL!!

I don't have any pictures of the towel bar before and after, but do you really need it? C'mon, it's a towel-bar! Picture a big silver bar with a towel hanging over it. There you go!

Here is one of the not-on-the-list-items:
See that super cute dragonfly hook? I installed that one myself. It was a screw into the wall...Go me! :)
For your viewing pleasure and my peace of mind, the bookshelves were bolted to the wall. We do live in California people! It was totally bothering me though, b/c 1 bookshelf leaned away from the wall, and I am a's the little things that drive me crazy! Before, it looked like this:
I know you can't tell but the bookcase on the right "is leaning" ( Hey Luce!)
But, now they are both as straight as the day is long!*

And the most excellent side view which proves they are in perfect alignment!

* you weren't dreaming, you did see it. Close up of the most AWESOME shelf dedicated to STAR WARS... The original 3 of course! I tried to hide it, but, YES. I do have a bit of a girl-geek in me!

Seriously, though, every time I walk in my room now, I see that the bookcase are lined up nicely and it brings a smile to my face! Then I walk into the bathroom and see my beautiful freshly hung shelf & my smile gets bigger!


They came today!

Soni & I have been waiting for some smaller things to get done to have the house feeling like home. Here' the list:
  1. Hang curtain rods & curtains (tired of giving the neighbours a show!)
  2. Hang towel rod in bathroom
  3. Wire & hang 1 smoke alarm, Hang 1 other smoke alarm
  4. Change out bedroom ceiling fan
  5. Fix pantry light (so we can see our food!)
  6. Wire 1, possibly 2 GFCI plugs
  7. Hang bathroom shelf (upstairs bathroom)
  8. We also need help with wiring a light switch... I tried to install a dimmer for the track lighting and now the switch doesn't control the outlet anymore!! So frustrating! I don't know what I did! :(
If you know someone who can help us, or if you can help us yourself... COME ON OVER!! We welcome any & all help! Our other sources of help are not quite so reliable which isn't very ... well, helpful!! Thanks!

But, what's really been missing is a couch!! I'm tired of sitting on a beach chair!! My hips have been hurting! It's making me feel really old!! Also, it's not really that comfortable!! (You try sitting in one for 2 1/2 weeks) . My back has been aching, my neck has been's no bueno! But today, this came ...

Our NEW COUCH!! It's SUPER comfortable! And I LOVE IT!!

Soni & I waited until we were both ready & then we counted 1...2...3! And we both sat down simultaneously. (I know we're weird!) We just looked at each other & smiled. (The ottoman was a freebie with the couch's already full of games & comfy blankets! :)

On another note, we also got this delivered:

OUR NEW TABLE! (It's called Boise)
It has a butterfly leaf which means the leaf folds into the table. Perfect for us! We don't have to find room to store it!

Seriously, we are soooooo happy to have REAL furniture & feel like adults again!! Whoo-Hoo!!

Dear Lowe's

How come you wouldn't install our washer/dryer we purchased from you 3 months ago? Why would you tell us that we need to buy a compact washer and dryer so it would fit in our laundry closet? Why would you deliver it twice and get our hopes up, only to then have your delivery company tell us we need more space and leave with our washer/dryer in tow? We were convinced that we needed to get the compact washer/dryer even though it would mean having to do twice as much laundry per week and having an ugly teeny-tiny washer & dryer!! Well, to the folks at Lowe's we would like to say...


These are our newly installed washer/dryer that the friendly people at Home Depot installed for us last Saturday. They are not compact! Soni & I were holding our breath & PRAYING HARD when they were installed! Bing-Bang-BAM! They were done in an hour and I was doing my laundry in no time!!

More condo pics!!

Here's our new stove. Haven't really used the oven portion since it's been warm...but we can't wait to start baking!
Our new refrigerator... Oooh-La-La! French Doors!
*NOTE* Soni told me I forgot to mention this fridge was $1000 and we scored it for $745!! Go Lowe's price match!

And... with the doors open. Oui! Oui!

Remember this wall??? I was trying to get the difference in is a lovely green now.

Here's a close-up... Love the switch plates too! :) I picked those out!

I know you remember the lovely red window alcove!

It is now the same color as the green wall. Much more relaxing and not so in-your-face.
And now, the bedrooms...
First... Soni's

Soni's room. I was trying to get a good pic of the Lilac color, but it still looks blue. Remember it was beige? See her cute nighstand (Home Goods) & lovely lamp?... ( I picked out her lamp at Target! Love Target!!)

Another view of the paint color...

And... Second... My Room!! (They'll be more pics obviously!) My super cute duvet cover I scored at Ikea! And I love my trunk for storing sheets & blankets!

I adore my new nightstand, (Home Goods) & super cute lamp..mix & match at Target!

My bathroom organizer... I have an obsession with white furniture and bead board!

My sink vanity and don't you adore the mirror! Clearance $25 at Wal*

My Closet: It's not all of my closet... I just love being organized and love seeing everything have a place! Shoe organizers courtesy of Closet Maid (Target!!)

All my clothes hang above... & then everything is nicely organized down below

The After pics!

OK, I finally got the up-loader thingie unpacked so I could let you all feast your eyes!

Remember this?

And now...

I know you still have this burned onto your retinas:

And after:

The upstairs bedroom:

And after...a much nicer, calmer, lighter shade of blue!

That's all for now. I don't have any good pics of the downstairs bedroom or the living room (I'll get those up later... and I know you didn't see our shower before, but I'll leave you with one more after...