April 08 Birthdays (4-20)

Katie doing "fishy face"
May 23

OK...A friend (Jocelyn) told me I need to update...and I agree. Between work, my girl's camp calling, and more work the time just keeps slipping by. The family did have a Mother's Day celebration/Birthday party for Darrel in May but I neglected to bring my camera to that event. It's ok...I took enough pics at the April Birthday parties to last you until Father's Day or whatever... I should tell you, Soni & I went to Disneyland yesterday, but I forgot the camera for that trip too. We decided to be crazy & went on a couple rides we haven't ridden in a long time ie Jungle Cruise...& yes. The jokes are still the same and stale as always! We both went on California Screamin' for the 1st time and I'm proud to say that although I did get a little dizzy...( I always do) Soni was sick after the first drop..."ok" she said, "maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all!" We both looked constipated and sick for the picture, so we passed on making that a permanent memory for either of us! They were also filming a movie while we were there. (We think) Goofy was running down Main Street with a bunch of little boys in Baseball uniforms while someone filmed them. I guess we'll see if we ended up in the shot. We were the ones stuffing our faces with ice-cream sitting on the curb. It was a fun & tiring day.

One of our "silly shots" Sarah looks stoned! Dylan looks scary & emaciated!
Anyway, onto the April Birthdays. There's really not much to say about the day. I just got a lot of goofy pics with Dylan and Sarah. And Katie was acting silly for some camera shots. The boys were also pushing the kids around inside an ottoman. It was cute. They loved it!! (Sorry! I couldn't figure out how to get the videos in here!! They were cute though!) ..on email blogger I got it! :)

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