Almost there!


Ramon (seriously...if he was single!) has finished the tile in the bathroom, patched the kitchen ceiling, and put in the carpet. He should be finishing up today. (YAY!)
My cousin, John, has promised that tomorrow we are finishing up the rest! Setting the kitchen sink, finishing the plumbing of my bathroom sink, putting on the shower fixtures, and fixing the water line and the valves. It's a small chore list. We should be able to knock it out!
Whoo-Hoo! Although I'm not officially planning that we'll be moving in too soon. (I don't want to get my hopes up, only to be disappointed, again!!) So, I'll let you know when the move actually is happening!

Girl's Camp... Take 3!

May I just say that it is so hard to be focused on Camp when you have bought a house and are working on it?!
Day 1: Drove myself up this year and YUP! You guessed it. Even though I swear I followed the directions to a T, I still got lost! ( I found Target easily!) I had to call my brother for the address to the camp so I could use my phones navi app (Only 2.99) Le sigh! I was only 15 minutes late. Tonight we had a Burden Trail activity... 3 stops where we told the girls they had committed a sin and had them place a rock in their bag. I think they saw an R rated movie on stop 1 Of course my stop had to be the sexual sin! I had to tell them that they went too far with a guy on a date! I think I scared some of the 12 yr olds! I could see them in their cabins later that night asking their cabin Mom's what 'going too far' with a boy meant?! So, for the younger girls, I started telling them they dated before they were 16! Less weird for me!! The girls ended the trail at a big pic of Jesus where they got to "place their burdens" on the Lord. Then Sis. Hale gave a talk. It was a fun night.

Day 2: Ugh! I have to get up at 7?! (Bishop's Night) Today the girls had Archery,water balloon volleyball, and an iron rod activity. Susanne Thompson and I were in charge of the Iron Rod Activity. There was a rope "trail" through the woods & the girls were blindfolded. Susanne would place the blindfold, place them on the right track, tell them not to leave the rope, and then let them go. My job was to have the YCL's try to get them to let go. At first I thought it was going to be a boring time for me, b/c the girls would know what the rope represented and not leave it. SURPRISE! Some of the YCL's were sneaky and would lure them away with the promise of a shortcut, or tell them they were going the wrong way, and to come toward the sound of their voice and they would 'help' them. We got a LOT of girls to leave the rope! I got to play the spirit and when they left the rope I would place them back on and tell them not to listen to the YCL's and to stay on the rope! Amazingly, some of them left the rope a 2nd time!! One girl left the rope 5 times!!!! It ended with a talk by Bishop Smith. It ended up being a lot of fun! PS: A girl fainted in the dinner line tonight. Dun... dun... DUN!

Day 3: The dreaded hike to the Lake day!! It's a 30 minute hike and a lot of it is uphill!! I know I am out of shape and I was not having fun!! It's a long hike, and once you get to the lake you can't even swim!! Only kayaks and canoes. I took a book and just sat in the shade and read while they had fun. Then we had to hike back... and my group got lost... of course! My girls had KP all day today-Woo-Hoo!! I was washing the dinner dishes with Alysha and one of my YCL's came to get me asking me if I could help with another of my YCL's. Well, she was lying flat on the floor, barely breathing, and unresponsive. I thought I was going to have to do CPR!!!! I was scared out of my mind! It was more unnerving b/c I was the first person to get there! SCARY! We ended up calling the paramedics b/c she wasn't responding. They told us it was a bronchospasm. (minor breathing difficulty problem.) We went to testimony meeting once she was responding and said she felt better, but kept an eye on her. They waited to start testimony for us which made the night go WAY LONG!! After testimony we had dessert, and then still had star gazing... by the time the girls went to bed it was probably after 1! I know it was when I went to bed! Anyhow, the day was basically emotionally and physically exhausting! PS... after testimony we got to see 2 American Flags retired

Day 4: YAY! We get to go home! The girls got up, had breakfast, cleaned, packed a lunch, got on the bus, and were on their way! We leaders were about 20 minutes behind them, but we still made it to the Ximeno building before the bus. Here's the final kicker: I locked my keys in my car promptly upon arriving at the church. Yee-Haw! That's what sleep-deprivation will do to ya!

4 loads of laundry, 12 hours of sleep & 1 shower later...I am fully recovered!!

Just an update:

The place is still being worked on. The bathroom is almost user-ready! YAY! As soon as that is ready, we can move in. The carpet is still not in, 1 ceiling fan still needs to be put up, the kitchen sink needs to be set, the upstairs bathroom still needs the pipes set... but that about covers it. WE are sooooo close, but still no cigar people! I'll keep you posted!