Listen up. I know we all hate bra shopping...the trying on, the adjusting, the taking off and putting on, trying to get them nicely back on the's frustrating!

I have found a bra that I "absolutely adore" & am willing to share with all of you! It's called the Barely There Comfortable either satin hidden underwire (style 4636) or the heather hidden underwire (style 4364). They are unbelievably comfortable! They are "seamless, soft, lightweight, & provide incredibly smooth support." They offer a line-free look, flexible foam cups, and they are tag free! And the straps stay up for those of you who have problems with that! Seriously, I got one of these like 5 years ago and have worn nothing else since! I was using just the heather ones...which are more of a cottony fabric, but recently I tried the satin...and I LOVE IT!! Probably a little better than the heather! I forget I have them on! They are slightly padded in the cups so no "nippage" when you get cold...if you know what I mean Try one today! I love love love them!
PS They are pretty cheap on by the Rockinsox co. (Free shipping!) Let me know if you find them cheaper somewhere else!

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Melinda said...

they should pay you for advertising!!! haha! :)