The short sale condo is moving!

Don't really know what this means but got an e-mail from the Realtor saying things with the Short sale condo are moving and we'll have a BPO in 2-3 weeks. Can anyone translate that for me?
I'm thinking it means that we're going to hear something soon one way or the other. So...pray EXTRA hard for us these next 2-3 weeks!!

And the 2nd condo is a no-go! :(

We heard back a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to post. It all comes down to money and how much you have!! The price went up 15,000 more than we wanted to pay...and again, since we don't want to live like Sister missionaries waiting for our parents to send us money so we can eat something besides PB&J sandwiches, we had to pass it up. :( (Le sigh)
WE do still have the offer in on the short sale condo in the same complex, but who knows what will happen with that one?! I wish buying a house was a lot easier! And more inexpensive! Is that too much to ask?!

Another day...another condo!

Well, Soni & I still aren't sure about the short sale condo in's basically a crapshoot since it's up to the bank...and we still don't know if it's going to go up in price. ?

Anyway, I went with our realtor and saw another condo...same complex in's actually a corner unit with no one above, no one below & only 1 common wall. (YAY!) The cute Filipino lady that lived there gave it a ringing endorsement about how quiet & nice the neighbours are...what a difference that will be!
I talked with Soni & the Realtor, we are going to put in an offer on this's not a short sale, just a regular old sale... so REALLY pray for us that we DEFINITELY get this one!!! Thanks! (in advance!)

GRRRR! We didn't get it!

So....the house in Stanton is probably going to go up in price b/c one just like it sold for like 100 more than what ours is priced at...which means whoever is in charge of setting the prices for places will most likely raise the price of ours. We really don't want to be living like 2 sister missionaries! (been there done that and I don't think I could stand to live off mac & cheese, or PB & J again!)
Soooo, it's back to the hunt again! (SAVE ME!!) Pray that we find something... somehow...somewhere...someday! We'll find a new way of living...HAHAHA!