Holy EXPENSIVE, Batman!!

Soni & I made a trip to Lowe's with our cousin, John today. Things are sooooo expensive nowadays! Don't get me started on the economy...why when the economy is down do prices go up?? People can't afford these things!! So anyway...like 5 hours later we came home with the following:
1 kitchen sink
1 kitchen faucet
1 bathroom cabinet
2 bathroom faucets
1 bathroom light fixture
1 garbage disposal-we may return if we can fix our current one
1 washer
1 dryer
1 stove
2 door knobs
2 schlage door sets
1 light pull
1 new base for a pull light
1 combination key holder for spare keys
1 stove wire cord
1 washer wire cord
1 washer stack kit
1 ceiling fan remote...we have vaulted ceilings and don't want to get 5' pulls!
1 package of reveal light bulbs

And we still need:
1 Roll of screen
1 bathroom mirror
backer boards
1 couch
2 toilets

PHEW!! I'm mentally exhausted! We are going to save up for a new shower, a waterless water heater, and recessed lighting in the kitchen!
If you would like to contribute to the Christensen money pit click the link below

JUST KIDDING! But wouldn't that be nice if when you bought a new place you could register? Maybe we should send out invitations b/c in all reality we may not get married (at least in this life). Our new house is our spouse at this point! :)

As Promised...New place pics

So, I know you won't believe the color extravaganza you are about to see...so prepare yourselves!


This is the living room wall when you first walk in. See the red paint? The window alcove is all RED! What was this guy smoking?!

Just in case you couldn't REALLY get a feel for the geographic living room wall!!

Totally normal, right? This is the master bedroom. I guess he needed beige walls at night so he wouldn't have nightmares!

The downstairs bathroom! Totally Aunt Janice green! We were going to leave it, but it'll be hard to do makeup in here. You'll think everything clashes!

Dining Room wall...see the dark orange circles? That is the color on the front of the kitchen cabinets. (Are you sorry you looked yet?)
And yes. We TOTALLY love the wavy mirror. We can check our shoes on our way down the stairs! Everyone should have one!
Upstairs bedroom... I think I'm supposed to feel like I'm underwater? I think the bathroom & closet are the most normal color in this place!

Soni in our new place. Now you can see the ORANGE cupboard faces! I know you are as in love with it as we are!

In answer to the question I know is on your mind...YES! We are painting! I'll be posting the after pics too! :)

UPDATE 11.2.11 I have no idea where all my pics went, but I can't find them, I apologize if you sincerely wanted to burn your retinas in the color circus! The orange wall is the only 1 I could salvage!


We get our keys to our new place TOMORROW!! I'm going to pick them up after work! Yee-Haw!

Final Walk-Through...

We did the final walk-through last night...(that means we're getting close!!) We realized though, that we might have to do a bit more painting and fixing up than we originally thought. (There's going to be a lot of patching on the walls, just from nail holes and support holes...not that the family was a bunch of party-ers.) So, that kinda stinks. But, we have a cousin (John) who is GREAT at anything under the sun! Need a plumber? -He used to do that. Need your car fixed? -He knows a guy that will do it for dirt cheap. Get in an accident? -He's there within the hour with a tow-truck, and will take you to get a rental car. He even does my taxes! He's already volunteered his services to help us fix the place up and I'm sure he'll get us exactly what we need for dirt cheap! :) I'm getting excited to get on with the move & get settled already!
PS...Can I just complain for a second? When we were there for the walk-through the neighbour downstairs was blasting his music!! Are we just doomed to live next to America's noisiest people on the planet?! I'm hoping that once we ask him nicely to keep it down that he'll oblige us...(PLEASE!) Otherwise I'm going to have to go all Lehonti on him! (Look it up Book of Mormon...you'll see why.) Muahahaha! :)

Escrow...Ooo, That's fun to say!

OK people! We have officially signed the Escrow papers! Soni & I went last night to this office building on PCH, sat there for an hour & 45 minutes & signed, dated & dotted every t! The Notary Republic was really nice & thought Soni & I were hilarious!& (of course! We are Christensen's!) The only bad thing was the building was one of those old buildings where you can feel the whole floor shaking when someone walks in the suite. I was SOOOO motion sick by the time our papers were signed! I was still feeling the movement when I went to bed that night...& I swear I thought we were having earthquakes at least 4 times at work today! I hate that dizziness stays with me soo long! But, at least we own a home now! :) YIPPEE!!