Disneyland Trips!

Disneyland Pickles! YUM!
March 08

Soni & I try to head to Disneyland at least once a month. (We've become quite spoiled since we bought our passes last October!) For the first time ever we got stuck on a ride last time we were there (Jan 23). We were on Indiana Jones when it totally stopped...Sallah's recorded voice kept telling us there was something wrong with our car...DUH! We were in the dark for a little while (literally) until they turned the lights on. Then we just sat there waiting...& waiting. When we saw a worker Soni yelled, "Indy, we're over here!" But, to no avail! Finally, like 30 minutes later they came around with a ladder to help us all out of the car and we all walked to the exit! It was kinda fun...unless, like the people next to us, it's your first time, and you live in PA.! They'll have to wait another 20 years to see how the ride ends! (See Disneyland album) PS...I'll try to post our other D-land photos in that album...we have some cool Christmas pics!

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Soni said...

Wow!! You lead such an exciting life!! I'm jealous!