New Year's/Mexican Train '09

I got out my camera today and found all these pics that I forgot I had on,

New Year's Eve, Soni, Michele, Lani W, and myself met at our friend Carol's for a Mexican Train/New Year's Eve Celebration! Braden & Jodee got me a double 18 domino set that we decided to break in. Usually you play from the double 18 down to double blank, we decided we were going to play down and then back up! Let the FUN BEGIN! We were making progress until we had to take a break while Soni went to chaperone the youth dance. I can't even tell you what went on while we were waiting...a movie, some munchies, and then everyone got the giggles SO BAD...I can't even tell you what we were laughing about. Laughing fits describes them perfectly!!

Anyway, about 7 AM we had just gotten to the double blank Soni & Carol were dead in their chairs & Lani was mostly out of always (HA! HA!). Michele & I were the only ones wide awake & thirsty for more! We were out voted. :( We called it a night...I don't even remember who won! But it was a good time! I love our Mexican Train Parties!

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