Mid-Singles Activity+Coach Outlet= Arrowhead!!

So, once again, we headed up to Arrowhead for our twice-a-year getaway!! It was a blast!! Who doesn't love a great location, bargain shopping, views, and good company? Soni, Lani & I usually head up early Friday morning. We love to eat at this place and usually try to eat breakfast there every time we go! I love 'a little breakfast'!!

Who doesn't love these views? The weather was perfect! I found myself just wanting to walk around b/c the weather was AWESOME! Cool and not at all hot!

Here's Soni and I...I think this was when we were getting ready to meet up with everyone for lunch! We talked everyone into eating at this aforementioned spot so Soni, Lani & I got to eat there TWICE this trip! *smacks lips* DELISH!

There weren't too many people out on there boats in October...I guess it's a little cold for water skiers and swimmers!
I think Wade was getting ready to go for a hike. ?? Why hike when you can shop?! I just don't know what some people are thinking?! :)

This year, we started a new tradition... Chuck payed for, everyone who wanted, trips on the go carts! I started out in last place...But since I never took my foot off the gas pedal, I soon lapped everyone! One of the guys in the group called me Danica Patrick. I'll take that! Minus the Go-Daddy crap she promotes! :) Darrel ran into me at one point and had my car slightly sideways. But, I think it's safe to say I WON!

PS... When I was shopping... I found an awesome pair of jeans and some dress pants. They fit like a dream, so I went to see what the damage would be. Guess What?!!!! $7.99!! Holy COW! And I had a coupon for 20% off that! Those pants were under $7! Can't beat that! I LOVE THEM!!

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