They came today!

Soni & I have been waiting for some smaller things to get done to have the house feeling like home. Here' the list:
  1. Hang curtain rods & curtains (tired of giving the neighbours a show!)
  2. Hang towel rod in bathroom
  3. Wire & hang 1 smoke alarm, Hang 1 other smoke alarm
  4. Change out bedroom ceiling fan
  5. Fix pantry light (so we can see our food!)
  6. Wire 1, possibly 2 GFCI plugs
  7. Hang bathroom shelf (upstairs bathroom)
  8. We also need help with wiring a light switch... I tried to install a dimmer for the track lighting and now the switch doesn't control the outlet anymore!! So frustrating! I don't know what I did! :(
If you know someone who can help us, or if you can help us yourself... COME ON OVER!! We welcome any & all help! Our other sources of help are not quite so reliable which isn't very ... well, helpful!! Thanks!

But, what's really been missing is a couch!! I'm tired of sitting on a beach chair!! My hips have been hurting! It's making me feel really old!! Also, it's not really that comfortable!! (You try sitting in one for 2 1/2 weeks) . My back has been aching, my neck has been's no bueno! But today, this came ...

Our NEW COUCH!! It's SUPER comfortable! And I LOVE IT!!

Soni & I waited until we were both ready & then we counted 1...2...3! And we both sat down simultaneously. (I know we're weird!) We just looked at each other & smiled. (The ottoman was a freebie with the couch's already full of games & comfy blankets! :)

On another note, we also got this delivered:

OUR NEW TABLE! (It's called Boise)
It has a butterfly leaf which means the leaf folds into the table. Perfect for us! We don't have to find room to store it!

Seriously, we are soooooo happy to have REAL furniture & feel like adults again!! Whoo-Hoo!!


Amy and Kyle said...

I love your new furniture! Your new place is looking so gorgeous! What a huge transformation!

The Story of us said...

Wow!I love your furniture! I especially love that the leaf folds into the table. I want to take the leaf out of our table but I don't want to have to deal with storing it.

Aaron and I will come over and help! What nights work best for you girls?


I love that couch! Where did you get it?

C-squared said...

Thanks Amy! We are totally happy with it now!
Marly-We had 2 leafs with our hand-me-down table and they were BIG...when we saw this table with that stores-in leaf we were sold!! We are here most nights after 7. Tues our new RS pres is coming over to meet us. :/ Just give us a call.
Jocelyn- Easy Life Furniture. They prob have 1 in Corona, right?

cantare_21 said...

I have a nice drill that I can bring over and help with nos. 1, 2, 3, & 7. Can't promise anything as far as electrical goes. The new furniture looks great!

cantare_21 said...

I have rehearsal Monday night and Marly has rehearsal Tuesday night. I think we're both free Wednesday & Thursday nights. Which one is better?

C-squared said...

Either one is great. Neither of us has a calling (yet) so we aren't busy at all. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your new furniture. Can't wait to break in your new table with mexican train.

Anonymous said...

BTW that last comment was made by Lani.

C-squared said...

Lani-I know! I can't wait either! Only 4 days to go!