Some new 'Before & Afters'

Remember the list? Well, as of last night you can scratch 1, 2, 1/2 of 3, 7 & even a couple that weren't on the list! (I'll tell you those a little bit later).

Last night, these two came over to help us out with getting some of our list taken care of!

So, here's the curtain rod-less window before.
And, here's the after:
well, semi-after... no curtains yet.

And the bathroom shelf before... well, it was a blank white I'll give you the before of the shelf hanging.

And, mostly decorated... still need a fall candle to fill that empty space. YAY, FALL!!

I don't have any pictures of the towel bar before and after, but do you really need it? C'mon, it's a towel-bar! Picture a big silver bar with a towel hanging over it. There you go!

Here is one of the not-on-the-list-items:
See that super cute dragonfly hook? I installed that one myself. It was a screw into the wall...Go me! :)
For your viewing pleasure and my peace of mind, the bookshelves were bolted to the wall. We do live in California people! It was totally bothering me though, b/c 1 bookshelf leaned away from the wall, and I am a's the little things that drive me crazy! Before, it looked like this:
I know you can't tell but the bookcase on the right "is leaning" ( Hey Luce!)
But, now they are both as straight as the day is long!*

And the most excellent side view which proves they are in perfect alignment!

* you weren't dreaming, you did see it. Close up of the most AWESOME shelf dedicated to STAR WARS... The original 3 of course! I tried to hide it, but, YES. I do have a bit of a girl-geek in me!

Seriously, though, every time I walk in my room now, I see that the bookcase are lined up nicely and it brings a smile to my face! Then I walk into the bathroom and see my beautiful freshly hung shelf & my smile gets bigger!



The Story of us said...

Yay for Fall is right! Hay, those curtain rods look really good. I think I was staring at them to much last night to really appreciate them.We were seriously just glad to help. Aaron will be happy that he got a shout out ;)

Soni said...

Everything looks sooooo good compared to before. I'm just super happy that 98% of everything is done. It will be nice to get the rest of the electrical stuff finished up. IF we could just find an electrician! I swear I'm going to marry a handyman!!!!