Have I mentioned...?

...That I LOVE this time of year?! 10 Things I LOVE about the last 2 months of the year!!!

  1. Cooler Weather... you can never take enough off when it's hot! You can always put more on!
  2. The Music... YAY! (I've been listening off & on all year anyway, but now it's acceptable! :)
  3. Decorations/Christmas Lights... LOVE LOVE LOVE... probably b/c my 2 brothers & I would start counting how many homes we saw with Christmas Lights on all our car trips! Good memory!
  4. People are generally in a nicer mood this time of year... exception- Scrooge!
  5. It means Winter is right around the corner... which = even Colder weather!!
  6. Christmas Shopping... I do like it, even though I hate fighting crowds. Secret shopping tip... don't get a cart! You'll be giddy when you zoom in & out of slow shoppers!!
  7. Christmas Baking! I have already made 2 cheesecakes, a double batch of banana bread w/ choc. chips & 2 double batches of chocolate chip cookies. Planning to make at least 1 more cheesecake (maybe 2), lots of brownies, and at least 10 dozen more batches of various cookies! YAY!
  8. Christmas Caroling! I think the Christensen Caroling tradition started when I was 12 or 13 and I have LOVED it ever since... more so since I developed a penchant for baking. Even though we didn't go last year... Soni & I decided to just duet this year simply b/c we LOVE doing it!!
  9. The SMELLS!! The candles, the baking smells, the crispness in the air... I LOVE IT ALL!!
  10. The Feeling... can't quite describe it... maybe just b/c I love this time of year, I'm happier, but it's just that good feeling you have that puts a little spring in your step, and makes you sing/hum the last Christmas song you heard ALL day! (Yesterday I was singing Barry Manilow's- Christmas Is Just Around The Corner)
  11. I know I said 10, but I had to add... The MOVIES!! I love Christmas Movies & TV!!
What's your favorite Time of Year? Or Favorite Things about this time of year?

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Melinda said...

I love the autumn time. I think we get jipped on this season every year. it seems it goes to Summer, a week or two of fall and straight into winter :(

I Iove the bold colors in the fall, and the crisp coolness in the air, right after a hot and humid summer. I love pumpkins, and the autumn decorations. I love the more hearty and/or pumpkin foods!