More condo pics!!

Here's our new stove. Haven't really used the oven portion since it's been warm...but we can't wait to start baking!
Our new refrigerator... Oooh-La-La! French Doors!
*NOTE* Soni told me I forgot to mention this fridge was $1000 and we scored it for $745!! Go Lowe's price match!

And... with the doors open. Oui! Oui!

Remember this wall??? I was trying to get the difference in is a lovely green now.

Here's a close-up... Love the switch plates too! :) I picked those out!

I know you remember the lovely red window alcove!

It is now the same color as the green wall. Much more relaxing and not so in-your-face.
And now, the bedrooms...
First... Soni's

Soni's room. I was trying to get a good pic of the Lilac color, but it still looks blue. Remember it was beige? See her cute nighstand (Home Goods) & lovely lamp?... ( I picked out her lamp at Target! Love Target!!)

Another view of the paint color...

And... Second... My Room!! (They'll be more pics obviously!) My super cute duvet cover I scored at Ikea! And I love my trunk for storing sheets & blankets!

I adore my new nightstand, (Home Goods) & super cute lamp..mix & match at Target!

My bathroom organizer... I have an obsession with white furniture and bead board!

My sink vanity and don't you adore the mirror! Clearance $25 at Wal*

My Closet: It's not all of my closet... I just love being organized and love seeing everything have a place! Shoe organizers courtesy of Closet Maid (Target!!)

All my clothes hang above... & then everything is nicely organized down below


Soni said...

I like that you can see your nightstand in the picture of the bathroom mirror. Lol!

The Story of us said...

Wow! It looks sooo good! You girls must be so happy:-)

Soni said...

You forgot to mention how we scored our $1000 fridge for about $745!!! Woo-hoo Lowes!!!!

Melinda said...

wow your place is coming along I love it!!!! :)

cantare_21 said...

Ah, the organization! What a thing of beauty! Can't wait to come check it out.