I'm thinking about getting...

...my electrician's license!! :)

You all know the hassle Soni & I have gone through with fixing up our condo! (sigh...glad that's all *mostly* behind us!) We still have some things that need tweaking:
  • changing out my ceiling fan
  • the pantry light
  • the downstairs toilet now leaks slightly-GAH!
  • hemming our curtains ( we can do it, we just are lazy.)
... Anyway- I was frustrated trying to find something in that dark, disorganized pantry, so I decided I was going to change out that old non-working light for the new one.
Yup. I decided. -And, I was not going to turn off the electricity! (OK, not that I didn't want to, more so b/c I had a cheesecake in the oven, and I was too lazy to try to figure out which 1 switch was for that certain area.)
I grabbed some tools and my work began. Everything was going really well. I had unhooked all the wires but one set, so I grabbed them with the plier I had and *POP! POP! SPARK! SCREAM!* -YES. The scream was from me! :) It took me a couple minutes to get my courage back (and my heart rate to slow down), but I was back at it! Got everything put back together without electrocuting myself, I'm proud to say, pulled the cord and .... NOTHING! DANG! Well, at least I tried, right?
5 minutes later I noticed the refrigerator was not on... I had blown a fuse. So, turned it back on, checked the fridge (light was on so it must be working), looked up and....*
I totally did a happy dance! Woo-Hoo! I'm seriously thinking about trying to tackle my fan myself just so I could say I tried it... and if I actually do it, that would be even awesome-er!

* I tried to download a video and it wouldn't work. I'll keep trying!


Amy and Kyle said...

Haha! You two never stop cracking me up with all the things going on at that place of yours!!!

ps. the stars aligned the morning I did audrey's hair for pics...pure luck and leave in conditioner.

Melinda said...

oh my goodness!!! Be careful over there!! LOL