Ah Kids!

Last night, Soni & I had a sleepover in our new place with this little cutie!

We watched a lot of Nick Jr.!!! (I hope to never see Yo! Gabba Gabba or Fresh Beat Band AGAIN!!) She LOVED walking around in Soni's slippers...they were soooo BIG they totally flopped against the ground hard while she was walking! It was hilarious! She wanted to sit at our table and eat snack like 5 times! (Girl loves to eat!) We read books at bedtime ( I still have some of my fave Care Bear & Strawberry Shortcake books from when I was little), & then we got into bed, sang some songs, said prayers & she was out by 9pm. Soni & I were thinking she would, maybe, sleep a little longer than 6:30AM...we were hoping anyway!

Brighton woke up at the lovely hour of 4AM!! (Jodee told us she's a light sleeper and something fell off the wall in my closet at that time, so that's probably what woke her up!) Needless to say, we got to watch a lot more Nick Jr. :)

All in all it was a fun time -despite the totally early hour of awakening! I turned on my iPod later while I was getting dressed and we danced around and clapped. (OK! She danced around. I clapped.) She was also jumping off a book on the floor. What a little daredevil! She loved looking over the wall to downstairs and yelling, "HI SONI!!" :)

What a character! Too bad I didn't get more pics! Next time!


4th Ward youth said...

HAHA! I love that Brighton story! You guys are awesome! Brighton is so fun though...she's one of our fav friends.

Yes, Harriet did put my prego news in the program so I guess that's how you missed it. We are still missing you in nursery :( .

4th Ward youth said...

oh crap...sorry! i just updated the youth blog (such a long story concerning why it's under 4th ward youth)and haven't signed out yet!

-Amy Thompson