Fun-Filled Saturday!!

Saturday morning I woke up early! I couldn't contain my I tried to distract myself with some TV until I hopped in the shower. At exactly 10 AM Soni & I arrived at The Original Pancake House to meet our Aunt Janice for a FABULOUS BREAKFAST!! They seriously have the BEST bacon EVER!! I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Soni had the Pumpkin Pancakes and Aunt Janice had the banana! Here's my picture:

After a delicious breakfast we headed over to the Cinemark 25 theatre in Orange and saw the movie You Again. During the beginning, my Aunt leans over and tells me that Kristen Bell reminds her of me! (She's sooo cute! Thanks!!) It was a really cute movie!

...THEN-(Yup...still more!) I headed over to THEIR HOUSE for an AWESOME dinner!! I also got to see their new house in Corona, their super-cute twins, and play Mexican Train!! If you have never played you are MISSING out!! I love this game! I would play every weekend if I could!

Day started at 7, when I woke up...and ended at 2 AM! (After I had my breakdown at midnight over the Brown Widows! (WARNING!!!!) PICTURE OF SPIDER TO FOLLOW...just warning you, in case that kind of thing freaks you out-like it does me!!!!) *chills*

See the hourglass? That's all I needed to see to FREAk!

There were 5 all along our outside staircase and I was too paralyzed by fear to climb up!! I couldn't really sleep, so Soni and I were up chatting and perusing catalogues for clothes! The spiders still couldn't ruin my perfect day! ( Especially since I didn't cry over them until midnight...that was the NEXT day!) Tee-Hee!


Soni said...

WHO, pray tell, is Allison Bell??
(were you typing this at 2am?) ☺

C-squared said...

HA! I changed it! I always wanna call her Allison! Don't know why!