WOW!! Look what I did!!

OK, Seriously! I am beyond thrilled! For real! Whenever I think about coming home and seeing my handiwork, I get a big smile to my face!! Can't believe I was able to do this all on my own! (Well, I had to wait for Soni to come home so she could hold it up while I connected the wires and then connected it to the base.) Following are the 'before', 'during', & 'after'. YAY! ( I said at least 5 prayers to Heavenly Father while I was doing this!!)
I couldn't find the before picture. It was in my phone, and I never deleted it, but now it's gone!! So click this link and then click on the pic to enlarge it. In the mirror you can see the gold accents! It was UGLY!!

This is the during. Putting on the blades.

This is the after... see how nice and bright white it is!! And nice frosted lights instead of the gold ones with black lining the inside!

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The Story of us said...

Congratulations! That is a big undertaking and it looks great. Add that to your resume :-)