Oh.... Dear!

Have you ever spilled hot wax all over? And I'm not talking "oopsie...I spilled a little." I'm talking an "OHMIGOSH-MY-SISTER-IS-GOING-TO-KILL-ME" kind of spill!!
Well, I did. And the wax is a brownish-reddish color. Of course the hardest color to get out!!

A candle we have was not burning well, so I thought I would help it and dump out some of the wax. Got it in the trash can on top of something sturdy so it wouldn't leak into all the trash and start a fire. Well, then I looked at the candle and realized I dumped too much. (I just couldn't leave well enough alone!) Pulled the stupid stuff out of the trash and was making my way (a very short distance) to the candle when it started to drip... ALL OVER OUR NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD CARPET!! I panicked and aimed for the sink. (I wish I had gotten a picture, but I was in a total panic at this point and could only think of how I should end it all before Soni came home and ended my life for me!!

Let the clean-up process begin. I brought out all the cleaning products I could find and spent the last hour or so cleaning the wax off the counter, the tile, the sink, the cupboards, the dishwasher and, of course, the carpet. I cleaned to a steady mantra of "I am so dead-I am so dead-I am so dead" going through my head! Finally, hot sweaty and totally sure I haven't missed any, I am pretty stoked about the outcome... call me crazy, but I don't even think you can see where I spilled!! AMAZING!! You be the judge!!

The carpet is still a little wet, but I think it looks great!! And so does the sink! YAY for cleaning products!! Just 1 of the 3 things I'm thankful for today!!


Melinda said...

haha! Omgosh! :) well hopefully Soni doesn't read this blog HAHA!

Soni said...

LOL!!! Uh-oh, I just read the blog!! I have a couple of comments.

1. Am I THAT scary & mean?? Do you REALLY think I would get that mad over carpet? You're my sister and roommate and are WAAAAAAY more important to me than carpet.

2. It looks great!! I had NO idea what you spilled, but now that I know it was candle wax, I'm impressed that it came out that well.

3. I wish you HAD ruined the carpet, because that would give us an excuse to get hardwood flooring. LOL!!!

♥ u!!!

C-squared said...

Yes, it would give us an excuse to get hardwood flooring, but we haven't even payed off the carpet yet!!

Soni said...