Only 6 more days and I am back on FB!! Whoo-Hoo! I've missed it, but I definitely have realized that I don't need it all that bad! I do have to admit that I was bad once and did get on there last week. I only looked at my profile to see if a friend had written in regards to me submitting one of her cake creations to the blogspot CakeWrecks.com. One of her cakes made it!! I thought that was worthy of breaking it once to tell her about it! Other than that, I have been pretty good!

I'm doing great with the Ensign/scripture reading and thankfulness journal entries. I believe I have only missed 2 days of reading and I am 5 Ensign articles away from being in 2011 Ensigns! YAY! I'm positive that I'll keep up all my good habits after Lent is over... They say, 21 days of doing something and it becomes a habit... I think 40 would cement it!

On another note I am totally enjoying my freshly installed ceiling fan! It got up there just in time for the warmer weather!

Anyway, I will give a final report next Monday when Lent is officially over! :)

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