40 days & 40 nights

Ok, Let me just preface this by telling you I love my religion. (I'm LDS) I know deep down of its truthfulness and have a strong testimony of EVERY ONE of its principles and doctrines. That being said, today started the Catholic season of Lent. Being that almost everyone at work is Catholic I hear about Lent frequently. This year, I decided I didn't want to be left out. Just because I'm not Catholic doesn't mean I couldn't benefit from giving something up... only I decided just giving something up wasn't enough. In addition, I would replace the 'given up' with something good. That way, I may even develop a good habit at the end of the 40 days!
I decided to give up 3 things! I recently got a smart phone that is FB enabled which makes it sooo easy to hop on all the time!! (Which is what I find myself doing)! So,

#1. I'm giving up Facebook and going to replace it with reading more often from my Ensign magazines (that I'm behind on... cough-cough!)

Recently at work I've had a rough couple of days... I get frustrated when people do not communicate. It seems we all beat around the bush because no one wants to step on any toes. If you know me, you know I'm a blunt, to the point, speak my mind, spit it out type of person. Even if it hurts feelings sometimes. I get frustrated with no one communicating so I find myself complaining A LOT!! (Also with other co-workers lack of working and feeling like I do it all) So,

#2 is to STOP COMPLAINING!! I am to find 3 thingsI'm thankful for each day.

Actually, this is something I used to do on a regular basis because of an article I read in an Ensign- I filled a whole journal with a years worth of 3 Thankful Things! I've been wanting to start up again and this gives me the perfect excuse/reason!

Finally, and this really goes hand in hand with the complaining, working with all girls there seems to be a great deal of gossip/smack-talk in the office, and I'm sorry to say, I find myself participating more often than not. (What a bad example!!) Anyway,

#3 is NO GOSSIPING!! I have to look for the positive if I catch myself speaking/thinking negatively.

I already had to do that one today... Our schedule at work was a scheduling nightmare and I found myself thinking negatively about the girls who schedule!!! But, I stopped and reminded myself that I was LUCKY to have a job! Day 1 went well... Wish me luck for the 39 remaining!

Here are the 3 things I'm thankful for today:
  • My Job (got to go Uniform shopping today courtesy of my boss.)
  • My smart phone... I have that GasBuddy app and since I've started eagle-eyeing gas prices I pay less attention to how people are driving! (I need to give up my road rage next Lent!)
  • Only having to work half a day!! (YAY!)


Tawni Edwards said...

I think this is great what you are doing! Good luck with it. I think the blessings and benefits with be countless.

Melinda said...

I soooo remember your thankful journal!! :) i remember you reading a few entries during the El D Days!