Spider alert!

Got home today and did my usual spider check (it's not REALLY a Full-On check... I just glance around so I'm not surprised by anything... the surprise is what makes it scary to me. I hate when they just pop up unannounced! How dare they!) and...... NOTHING! YAY!
Got down to some business: sorting & doing laundry, making some lunch, the usual.
Long story short... It was dark in the front room, I hadn't turned on the light yet, but you know out of the corner of my eye I totally saw it!! Yup. A spider. I wasn't sure... so I climbed, yes,

Climbed, across the furniture to switch on the light. Moved the coffee table and there he was. He? She? IT!
I thought I acted very calm. Grabbed the dust buster, and IT didn't even stand a chance. Really IT didn't even put up a fight. It went right up that dust buster like it knew its fate beforehand. It wasn't huge, but it was bigger than the other ones I've killed... and it was DARK! *Shudder* Let's get something straight though, I am not racist UNLESS it comes to spiders... the dark ones are always the dangerous ones! i.e. BLACK widow, BROWN recluse... Ok, Those are the only ones I can think of with the DARK color in the name. But, the hobo spider is dark too! (see chart below) I know I'm obsessed! I was watching a show the other day about infestations and these people had a spider infestation and I knew they were hobo spiders before the show announced it! I guess I like being informed about my fear. I then know what to avoid!

Can I ask a question? Why do spiders come indoors in the first place? The food/bugs are OUTSIDE! Maybe if I come to the conclusion that spiders are dumb they won't scare me as much. I wonder what sort of therapy methods they use to get you over a fear of spiders? Do you have to let them crawl on you? That thought keeps me from seeking help for my phobia!
Anyway, now that I have bored you to death, go see if you can find a spider and identify it!

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