Irrational Fears... tales of Condo spiders Part II

... Sorry for drawing the spider stories out, but there are just sooo many of them!!

After that spider on my sweatshirt, I was totally on the lookout! So one Sunday night Soni & I were sitting on the couch watching TV. (Aaron & Marly had just left). I'm totally just relaxing and BAM! Spider crawls out between the couch cushions! I jump up, turn on the light, and start complaining that the spiders seem to be 'coming after me'!! Soni kills it and just laughs, as I'm frantically trying to figure out where it could have come from. I know. They come from all over, but I'm male brained. I like to figure out where the problem is coming from and FIX IT!!

Next day in the morning as I'm just sitting down to put on my makeup one drops from the ceiling on a web. (small one, I was totally OK with smashing that one!)
That day when I come from work there is one on the floor next to my laundry basket. (Sucked up in dust buster... ran the dust buster for like 5 minutes to make absolutely sure he was DEAD!)

Next day... I should stop and tell you that at this point, I seriously walk slowly up the stairs and look everywhere! So, I look all over the floor and am relieved to finally find NO spiders. I turn to walk into my bathroom... and, YUP, as I'm sure you've guessed a spider runs right into my path. I guess he was hiding by my dresser.

I should also tell you that I have become quite paranoid. I leave lights on, can't sleep, all I'm doing is thinking about where the next spider will be or when I'll see the next spider! I even told Soni that I was ready to move b/c of the spider problem!! I bought some spider spray and sprayed all around my floorboards, the A/C vent, everywhere I've seen the spiders... and I am very happy to say, I have not seen a spider since!! Whoo-Hoo!

Downside: I have not been as vigilant in watching for them, and I'm worried that one will catch me off-guard! Also, everywhere I've seen a spider I keep thinking I'll see them in that same spot!!

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