Christmas Eve Pictures

It's tradition in our family to hang out with our Aunt Bonnie Christmas Eve. We went to Elephant Bar this year for a fantastic dinner. Some years we go Christmas caroling after, lately it's just dinner & then gift exchange. Here's some pics from my side of the table:

Piper & Sarah
Brett & Jake... who only smiled when I bribed him with an extra Christmas present!
Katie & Piper... Pretty in Pink!
Soni & Me (Catherine)

By now you realize that my side of the table consisted of the Danley Family, Soni & myself.

After dinner Soni & I booked it over to Target to see if we could find any DIET Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash (It's our new favorite drink!) They only had 1 case... :(
Anyway, then we headed over to Bonnie's to help her install her new DVD player! It was actually a fun night.

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