Disney w/ Danley's II

I totally forgot about these pictures! Soni & I met Debi's family at Disneyland again!! What we thought was Dylan turned out to be a neighbour. (He turned out to be hilarious!!)

Piper on the Haunted Mansion.

Jake's friend covered his ears the ENTIRE time! Seriously!!!

Jake telling him it's OK and he can uncover his ears and look around. "This ride is fun!"

It's tradition now to take an upside down picture. Katie: "I'm not scared on this ride anymore!"

Oh yeah... Jake's friend refused to ride with Jake, he insisted on squeezing in w/me & Katie!


Soni said...

LOL! I forgot about Jake's ding-dong friend. What a dork!
We should do Disneyland next Wednesday. Let me see if I can get it off...

C-squared said...

I felt bad I couldn't remember his name. PS... I fixed the B :)