Holy EXPENSIVE, Batman!!

Soni & I made a trip to Lowe's with our cousin, John today. Things are sooooo expensive nowadays! Don't get me started on the economy...why when the economy is down do prices go up?? People can't afford these things!! So anyway...like 5 hours later we came home with the following:
1 kitchen sink
1 kitchen faucet
1 bathroom cabinet
2 bathroom faucets
1 bathroom light fixture
1 garbage disposal-we may return if we can fix our current one
1 washer
1 dryer
1 stove
2 door knobs
2 schlage door sets
1 light pull
1 new base for a pull light
1 combination key holder for spare keys
1 stove wire cord
1 washer wire cord
1 washer stack kit
1 ceiling fan remote...we have vaulted ceilings and don't want to get 5' pulls!
1 package of reveal light bulbs

And we still need:
1 Roll of screen
1 bathroom mirror
backer boards
1 couch
2 toilets

PHEW!! I'm mentally exhausted! We are going to save up for a new shower, a waterless water heater, and recessed lighting in the kitchen!
If you would like to contribute to the Christensen money pit click the link below

JUST KIDDING! But wouldn't that be nice if when you bought a new place you could register? Maybe we should send out invitations b/c in all reality we may not get married (at least in this life). Our new house is our spouse at this point! :)


The Story of us said...

That's what a house warming party is for. People are supposed to bring you stuff for your new place:-)

Braden said...

hmmm let me think... bad economy with liberal leadership = higher taxes to the rich, aka small business owners, which in turn pass the higher taxes onto us as consumers through raising their prices. Don't forget the fact that we are printing money like crazy in order to keep large (failed) businesses from filling bankruptcy.(bailout) - inflation
Don't believe me, just check the latest exchange rate of your precious Canuckian dollar...

Can I get a whoo-ha, Aaron?