Escrow...Ooo, That's fun to say!

OK people! We have officially signed the Escrow papers! Soni & I went last night to this office building on PCH, sat there for an hour & 45 minutes & signed, dated & dotted every t! The Notary Republic was really nice & thought Soni & I were hilarious!& (of course! We are Christensen's!) The only bad thing was the building was one of those old buildings where you can feel the whole floor shaking when someone walks in the suite. I was SOOOO motion sick by the time our papers were signed! I was still feeling the movement when I went to bed that night...& I swear I thought we were having earthquakes at least 4 times at work today! I hate that dizziness stays with me soo long! But, at least we own a home now! :) YIPPEE!!

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