Soni & I went up to Arrowhead with the group from our Church Mid-Singles...again! It was really fun! There weren't too many & it was just the right amount of loud/quiet & weird/crazy! We went up later than we normally do, & we've already decided we will never do that again! Hello-3 hour drive!!! Normally, we are up there in about an hour & 45 at most! The traffic SUCKED! We went to our usual Friday night dinner at the Mexican place across from Lake Gregory. LOVE IT! I'll have to post pics along with this soon as I send them to myself from my phone. Got a good one of Sandy's was a whole fish staring at me from her plate! I introduced everyone to "To Go" drinks! Hell-o!? You paid for refills, might as well take one for the road!! Mmmm-mmm!! Then we went home for some hot chocolate & watched The Man Who Knew Too Little with Bill Murray. (It was funny!) Next day we went to the Village and did some shopping...I found some cute shorts for Girl's Camp...and some capri's...Love camp. Hate heat!! :) We had lunch at Woody's Boathouse...and then unfortunately Soni & I had to go early. But, we SAILED home! Loved the Saturday traffic!! Can't wait until we get to go again! October!!

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mari-ann said...

Hey Catherine
I love what you have done with your place I am not sure where it is
Would love to hear from u though