OK. OK. I know I said that my sis & I would know by today whether we were getting the place in Stanton or not, but guess what? Yeah. I have NO idea. I'm getting cold feet to tell the truth...everything seems to be moving really quickly at this point b/c we were trying to beat the short sale turning into a foreclosure. I have NEVER done SO much paperwork! Seriously? I feel like giving my firstborn to Rumpelstiltskin would be easier/faster/less work than initialing/signing/drafting all the paperwork that I've come across in the last 2 weeks! VERY OVERWHELMING. And is it just me or do sleepless nights, stomachaches & headaches come with the territory? Is it too late to just go back to being a happy renter? Someone else has to hassle with leaky faucets/toilets, bad electricity, broken stoves and all that other hassle! Soni & I were GREAT renters! Never a problem for the management co. & after reading some of the posts on the Apartment Managers blog I'm starting to think that's a rarity! Keep an eye out for cute, roomy 2 bed rentals for us just in case, K? Thanks!


Braden said...

HA! What about that time you locked yourself out and kept the spare key longer than you were supposed to??? Your last apartment manager hated you... :)

C-squared said...

Yeah, right! I think you have me confused for you!