March 17 we will definitely know by March 17 if we have the place in Stanton. We are going to do the inspection tomorrow morning at 9:45...I hate getting up early on Saturday! But I guess it'll be worth it if we get the place, right?
So, everyone, keep your fingers crossed for us and your prayers nice and long that it will go according to the Lord's will! (I'm thinking since he probably doesn't want two murders on His hands ( killing my parents) we will find something soon even if the condo doesn't work out.)) I'll keep you posted!



Oh sure. Just when you're going to move closer to me, we have to move away. did I mention that our landlord is selling our townhome? Boo! So now we're looking at houses in Corona (off the 91 and Green River so not too far). Good luck! I hope you get it!

C-squared said...

What?! You guys are moving? To Corona? When did this happen? And why is your landlord selling your townhome? I'm so out of the loop?! I hope you guys find something closer than that! How are we supposed to play Train? At least let me know if you need help moving!...and GOOD LUCK! I can babysit too...anytime!...(Free)