YAY... Ooops!

I'm not Catholic, so imagine my surprise when I finished my 40 days of giving stuff up for Lent and then my co-workers tell me that Lent isn't over until Sunday! What?! I counted! I started on Ash Wednesday and counted 40 days... that ending was yesterday... I was feeling quite proud of my accomplishment and Boom! In my face! Oh well, I'm LDS not Catholic... no biggie. I'll take the 40 days I finished already and run with them! :) I'm proud to say, I did pretty well! My prayers have been AWESOME... I remember night, but have forgotten about 3 times in the morning. Scripture reading was forgotten  neglected about the same amount of times... 3.  Considering I wasn't really putting effort into any of it at all I have vastly improved.  Got my Temple Recommend renewed at church Sunday and decided I need to make the effort to go a LOT more!!  So, I  made a goal of 1/mo.  I have next Thursday off so I am making an appointment and GOING!  (Anyone is welcome to tag along-Newport @ 10AM).  I'm still working on my last Ensign for 2010, but am almost done.  I've never felt so accomplished spiritually! (OK, on my mission I was of course... but you have all the time in the world for spiritual matters!)
Anyhow, Now that spiritual aspects are going well, it's time to pick up on the physical... EXERCISE!  Ugh!  I WILL start sometime in the next 2 weeks! :)  I give myself plenty of time to procrastinate and try to get in the mood!  Something needs to be done.  I'll continue to keep you all updated!


Tawni Edwards said...

Congratulations, Catherine! I think it is wonderful what you accomplished during Lent.

Amy and Kyle said...

Woooow...you made a certain three year old's day! You found the un-findable! I haven't been able to find gloves anywhere! Thank you so much! Audrey had such a rough day and it was so perfect for her to get your surprise package in the mail!!!! Thank you so so much! What a lucky girl!