Update on all things condo

I wish I would remember to take my camera every time we go over there, but alas, I forget b/c truthfully, buying/fixing up a condo is STRESSFUL!

So here's the update:

  • Painting: finished.
  • Tile: kitchen & upstairs bathroom are finished...still need to do bathroom 2, laundry, and front door area. Should be finished this week.
  • Upstairs bathroom toilet: installed.
  • Dining Room ceiling fan: installed.
What's coming up:
  • Change out all outlets and light switches...attempted on Saturday...mission not accomplished! It was different from the ONE I've done previously. (And I electrocuted myself changing that ONE!) And the outlets blew my mind! Will attempt again once I have some sort of idea what the heck I'm doing!
  • Once outlets/light switches are changed, put on new plates.
  • Spackle, sand & paint the laundry closet area. We took off the door Saturday and realized it needed some work.
  • Paint bathroom and bedroom doors, install new door knobs.
  • Put in upstairs bathroom vanity.
  • Change out downstairs toilet.
  • Install kitchen sink, faucet and possibly new garbage disposal. If new plug works won't need disposal. Unsure if outlet is faulty or disposal. We'll see!
  • Install 2 bathroom faucets.
  • Hang (once we find) bathroom mirror...downstairs.
  • Install new knobs on kitchen cabinetry.
  • Install 2 bedroom ceiling fans-1 up & 1 downstairs.
  • Switch out window screen with hole in it.
  • Check to see if shower is leaking behind...if it is...install new shower. :(
  • Seal grout.
  • Pick out a couch.
  • MOVE!
  • Once carpet is delivered, have it installed.

Is that it? Not sure if I remembered it all, but I'm thinking after we go broke from all the money we're putting into this place it just might get foreclosed!!!!!

I'll remember my camera next time!!!


Melinda said...

aren't your brothers and sis in laws helping out???

C-squared said...

Melinda, my cousin is supposed to be helping us, but he has flaked on us like 5 times...we were getting frustrated, so we are trying to do as much as we can by ourselves! We're super independent and this has been a HUGE LEAP for us!! It's been SO frustrating!! I wanna just be done with the whole thing!!