San Francisco Vacation- Day 6

Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Birthday to me!
That's right. This year the two days coincide. We had decided to go down to Pier 39 today and maybe stop in at the aquarium. We got very distracted by the fact that NOTHING shuts down here on the holiday!! We passed an Old Navy on our way down to the water and couldn't pass up seeing what the deals were!! We left with huge bagfuls of stuff!!! The deals were AMAZING! We got almost all our Christmas Shopping done! We weren't expecting to be lugging around shopping bags all day though, so the aquarium got cut out. We did go to Pier 39 and have my birthday lunch there and then wandered around taking in the sights of the sea lions and of course, I bought a magnet from the biggest magnet store I've ever seen!! We tried to go visit the Dutch section of some memorial my aunt had told us about on our way back but we couldn't seem to find it... We wandered around for about an hour and a half. Then we decided to see a movie- Puss in Boots. (Pretty sure it was one of the only things playing!) It wasn't  half bad though. Shouldn't seem like it, but it was getting dark by this point and we got lost our first two nights there trying to get back to the train station!! Seriously! We were walking through some seedy neighborhoods. Bunch of thugs hanging outside against a wall up to no good. I just gave 'em a hello! Soni kept telling me not to talk to anyone. Then we ran into a drunk guy on his way home from work. He put his hand on my shoulder to turn me in the direction we should be going and Soni and I both tensed for action!!! He would have been REALLY sorry of he tried anything!!
I think this night we found our way relatively easily... I think the problem was it's called the 3rd street station but I don't think it's technically on 3rd street. Or something like that. The map we had was obviously not helping us either!!

Here is my pics when we finally got on the train that night:
Oh yeah, did I mention we stopped at Ghirardelli also?! We got off the bus there b/c that's where the waterfront/Piers start... Not realizing Pier 39 was a far piece down!! We were exhausted! But it was so much fun!!

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