San Francisco Vacation: Day 5!

Okay, I promised a friend I would finish up the SF trip posts:

 I don't know what day I'm on... Day 4? Or 5... Well whatever.

 Today was Golden Gate Bridge day!!! We went and walked halfway across while taking amazing pictures! We thought about walking all the way across into Sausalito but it was cold, and halfway took us like an hour! So we turned around, went to the gift shop and then googled places to eat and found this little cute cafe and had a late lunch.

Then we went to Golden Gate Park and wandered around the whole thing!! It was late when we finished, but we saw so much...

The windmill starts Golden Gate Park...we liked the Dutch section since we are Dutch/Danish.  We followed the park all the way to the ocean... (Doing this on my phone and can't edit ... Maybe I'll add captions to the pics later.


Soni said...

This makes me want to go on another vacation to SF!!!

Melinda said...

woohoo!!! you did day 5! :) love the photos!!!

miss ya on Facebook :( i didn't even see you had updated your blog, until you had commented on one of my photos on instagram.