July in a nutshell too!!

I'll try to be better for August, but no promises!!

4th of July, you ask? I think my sister and I went to the movies and shopping. No fireworks. We didn't care this year... I've seen fireworks at Disneyland, the Hollywood Bowl, Lake Arrowhead-my favorite, by FAR!), Big Bear, Vet's Stadium, the Queen Mary, Dodger Stadium... What's left? I mean really?!

This month I went to my nephew's baptism/8th birthday party. That sounds funny. The birthday party was not at the church. 1st the Baptism. Then Birthday party at the house. At the baptism Soni & I sang 'I wonder when He comes again'. Unfortunately, I had just booked it to my car to grab my mini primary songbook and booked back, so I was COMPLETELY out of breath and couldn't control my diaphragm enough to squeeze out those high notes. (And they are REALLY HIGH NOTES!!) Oh well, not like it was for money or a singing contract right?!

Here's the handsome little devil here!!
He's just so adorable! It's hard to believe he's 8!!!

I'm struggling to remember what else I did this month... that's probably why I should blog more consistently, right?! Anyhow, I'll be way better for... September... since August is gone now!!!

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