June in a nutshell!

I have been sorta slacking on the blogging scene so I figured I would give you my month wrapped up in a paragragh or 2... or 3! :)
I know EVERYONE loves summertime! Lazy days where you can lounge by the pool and the weekend is all week long and you have no commitments. But my summer is a little different. When everyone is free is when we get SUPER busy!! I work for an oral surgeon so the wisdom teeth usually come out at this time before school starts up again. This means, in the words of the magician from the Frosty the Snowman cartoon, that we are "Busy! Busy! Busy!" This means that I have to really relish the weekends and take advantage of free time!

This month I went to my youngest nieces 1st birthday party. We celebrated at Long Beach Towne Center. There's a patio area where we had cupcakes and then the little kids played in the little splash fountain while Soni and I snuck away to see X-men: First Class. :) (AWESOME!)

I also had the opportunity to go the Newport Temple with my 2 sisters, Dad, Bro-in-law, niece-Nicole and nephew-Dylan. We did Baptisms for the Dead for our family names that my cousin Gayle put together. It was a great experience to be able to participate in that for my own family.

Finally, I taught my first ever Relief Society lesson this month. I used to teach Gospel Doctrine when I was in the singles ward, so this wasn't too bad. I think I just need to get used to timing again. I ran out of lesson material with 15 minutes still to go and was struggling a little to fill it!! I'll know better for next time though. I think I'm really going to like this calling! It's only once/month... I like that!! :)


Tawni Edwards said...

I love your background! What website do you use?


I think I got that last one from an internet search... Usually I use templates, not backgrounds. LeeLoublogs.com has a lot of cute ones. She just needs to update them. Some of them have the year from 2010.

Sarah Hull said...

I bet your RS lessons are awesome! You and Soni are seriously missed in our ward! My kids miss you guys too!


Thanks Sarah! We have a lot of older ladies and I was talking about Star Wars last time... I'm sure they were like, WHAT?! So I told them to bone up on their Star Wars trivia since I'm teaching now! They think I'm hysterical... although I always associate that title with my sister Debi.

Sarah Hull said...

You are killing me with the uterus transplant! I will for sure ask next time I go in! XO you crack me UPPPPP!