I don't think people believe me when I tell them I have a tendency to get addicted to having certain items and start collecting...
Since we moved, I have been able to get a good idea of just how much stuff I actually have!

I certainly don't need anymore of these following items:
In case you can't tell...this is a bin full of all my purses! Although, personally, I don't think a girl can ever have too many purses!

Uh... batteries. Batteries! (My family will get that one!)

I don't even use these that often... so when I was unpacking I was SURPRISED that I had soooo many!

Anyone need a pen or marker? This isn't even all of them!

Who doesn't need a million and one stickers?

Needless to say, Soni and I now have items on a "no-buy" list.


Soni said...

Well it's pretty obvious that you are "SICK"!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, you can never have too many tampons. I can't believe you took a picture of those. Yes, you are sick. Acrually I have the same problems. You remember my sticker collection?


You and Jeremy with your pen collecting.

cantare_21 said...

Uh, cotton balls. Cotton balls? COTTON BALLS!