Resolutions Week 1

This week has gone well. I didn't feel overwhelmed by my resolutions which is usually why people give them up. (Okay. which is why I give them up). I knew that I wanted to make them attainable which is why I wasn't super strict about having to do them EVERY SINGLE DAY! Especially when they haven't been getting done at all.
Church: I've read only twice this week, but I was planning on reading today before bed and tomorrow which will be 5 times this week. Perfecto! Right on goal schedule. Prayers were good too. I haven't missed a day. Eventually, I know I'll be doing AM & PM, but like I said when you haven't been doing anything at all... it's easy to get overwhelmed, get down on yourself, and get negative! So, baby steps for me. I want things to STICK LIKE GLUE! The only thing I've ever decided I really needed to start doing daily and just did it was flossing. Decided I needed to be better and BOOM! Have only missed like 3 days and that was 3 years ago. I wish all things were that easy to stick with!
The bad: I didn't read my Ensign. Not even once. It should have been read at least twice. I will need to be better about that. No temple, but I still have the rest of the month and only 6-8 trips to complete.
Exercise: None. :( What? How is that possible? I did skip (Yes. Literally.) across the parking lot to get a referral from the dentist over there. (twice). Does that count a little? I was hot. I broke a sweat. (A little one). Also, I put away all the office stock the other day which is lifting boxes, unloading, getting into cupboards, etc... I totally was hot after that one. I really just need to DO IT! Right when I get home... Change clothes, grab my ipod, and head out the door. How hard can it be? Apparently, it's REALLY hard!!
Money: I have already used up my 2 trips to Target for the month!! Yes! Seriously! I wasted one. I went really quick for a dollar bin oil pan and they were out!! I only spent $4o so I guess that's not too bad. I went with Soni today. Got yogurt and sour cream. Whoo-Hoo! Also, I spent my last penny today at Bath and Body Works. The Clearance sale is just too good to pass up. Bonus: I think I have enough wallflowers for the next year!! (maybe 2) :)
Work on:
  1. Reading my Ensign when I don't study scriptures
  2. Getting in the 30 minutes of walking or physical activity
  3. Making & sticking to a list for Target
  4. Make an appointment this month to go to the Temple!


The Story of us said...

Good job!

Sarah Hull said...

You go girl!!! Nice work!

Braden and Jodee said...

I'm not going to lie. I hate that font. Good job on your progress! I still need to put my goals in writing!

The Nickell Family said...

Sounds like you were very productive this week!