Baking update...

I had every intention of trying out my Lightened-Up Monkey Bread recipe... I just realized I bought regular yeast instead of quick-rise. Ugh! I did whip up 3 batches of cookies last Friday. Frosted Ginger, Ultimates (named by Bro. Regnier), and Chocolate Chocolate chip. The Frosted Ginger are my new ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! I think I ate all but 2 out of the 10 or so that we didn't give away. I LOVE THEM!! They have cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and molasses and are topped off with a powdered sugar frosting that has a hint of lemon! SO YUM!

Don't they look delish!!!?

I'm probably rethinking the nutella cookies also. I hate recipes that look simple but require a lot of menial work. I refuse to knead dough after mixing it in the mixer. I might try it over Christmas break when I have more time on my hands or next time I'm super bored and want to spend time kneading dough. :(
Anyhow, back to the market to exchange my yeast. I guess I'll make the bread saturday... I'll let you know if it's super yum!

UPDATE: 11/15/11 Okay, I tried my Monkey Bread recipe! I've actually made it twice so far! 1st time... I don't think I let it rise enough. The completed product was really short out of the pan... It still tasted yummy, just looked funny. 2nd attempt was AWESOME! The bread rose beautifully... I made it my way instead of all the steps they put you through. I mixed the butter & milk w/ the 2 sugars and cinnamon and just used additional cinnamon/sugar mix to roll the bread in. It's much quicker and easier! It's sooo good I can't believe it's light!!!]


Amy and Kyle said...

1st of all your profile pic is pretty sexsay!
2nd...the (some of them are really random even with the theme but I'm following a little primary activity thingie) scriptures are all leading up to Christ's birth. Different events things mentioned etc.
3rd the elf is (it comes with a cute book to explain everything to the child) sent from Santa to keep an eye on kids...that's how Santa knows if they're naughty.
4th I really liked Arthur's Christmas it's pretty good for a kid's movie...i cried. I heard hugo is good too.
5th thanks for commenting on my blog! if you didn't then we'd have zero comments!!!!

Amy and Kyle said...

ps. those ginger cookies with molases(sp?) look soooo good.


1. Sarah took that pic. :)
2. The elf (I still need a picture!) sounds creepy. We used to have this fake mistletoe thingie that was shaped like a swing w/ an elf sitting in the middle. It was CREEPY!
3. I'm thinking of at least seeing Hugo... Arthur looks a little too juvenile for me.
4. I often wonder how other people have sooo many people commenting on their blogs! I know people read mine, they just sometimes aren't inspired to comment, I guess?
5. The cookies ARE yummy! I'll bring some by when we make our deliveries if you leave me your address. :)