Almost there!


Ramon (seriously...if he was single!) has finished the tile in the bathroom, patched the kitchen ceiling, and put in the carpet. He should be finishing up today. (YAY!)
My cousin, John, has promised that tomorrow we are finishing up the rest! Setting the kitchen sink, finishing the plumbing of my bathroom sink, putting on the shower fixtures, and fixing the water line and the valves. It's a small chore list. We should be able to knock it out!
Whoo-Hoo! Although I'm not officially planning that we'll be moving in too soon. (I don't want to get my hopes up, only to be disappointed, again!!) So, I'll let you know when the move actually is happening!


The Story of us said...

Fingers crossed over here!

C-squared said...

Yeah...didn't happen. :/ I tried plumbing my sink myself, but need different pipe parts....and the fridge water line is WAY beyond my know-how. But, we are mostly moved over there. Dave, John's friend, is now doing the shower fixtures...don't know what the story with that is. Dave called and said he would do it for vicodin. Now I feel like a drug dealer! ????? I'll keep everyone posted!